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5 Tasteful Luxury Tea Brands

April 26, 2019
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If you are human, you like to have a little sip of wake-me-up beverage in the morning. We all do, don’t feel guilty about it. Just one sip of the right morning nectar is enough to kick-start your senses and get ready for the day’s challenges.

Now, not all beverages are created equal, neither are tea brands. Luxury tea brands are out there for those who only accept their tea done with the utmost craftsmanship that enhances the flavor. Flavors undreamt of for those stuck with only cheap discount tea bags. If that’s something you might want to taste, here are the greatest luxury tea brands.

#1 Tea Forté

Tea Forté recommended by Jane Ko on Levi Keswick. Tea Forté is a luxurious tea brand with beautiful tea blends! Each of the teas come in this pyramid-shaped tea infuser that sits in your teacup for a luxurious steep. My personal favorite is their Bleu collection – a stunning collection of blue-hued teas. The limited-edition Jardin Collection is an elegant assortment of organic teas curated in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden that’s perfect for Mother’s Day coming up. All of Tea Forté’s teas are all sustainably sourced, all natural with no artificial colors or ingredients too.


#2 Matchaful

Matchaful recommended by Karine Wegrzynowicz on Levi Keswick. This brand features single sourced premium matcha tea from two highly renowned estates in Japan. The matcha is extremely smooth dissolving and has none of the bitter or overly woodsy tastes of many commercial matcha teas.


#3 Cup And Leaf

Cup and Leaf recommended by Nora Schlesinger on Levi Keswick. Cup and Leaf, an independent online tea company. I love this brand because they sell really high quality teas at affordable prices, they make their own blends rather than resorting to sketchy ingredients or artificial flavors, and they have a ton of resources on their website and blog to help you brew the best cup of tea every time. Their teas have so much flavor because they are all natural, and they have some of the most interesting flavors of tea I’ve ever seen. I especially love their vanilla-y milk oolong and their ultra-smoky lapsong souchong teas. They taste so decadent!


#4 Pinky Up

Pinky Up recommended by Katie RoseCronin on Levi Keswick. Pinky Up offers a way to enjoy great flavored tea with no calories and look great while doing it with our full line of on-trend accessories. Pinky Up is obsessed with loose leaf and blooming teas in outrageously tasty flavors. And they excel at exquisite accessories, teapots, mugs and more. I’d love to share their beautiful line with your audience!


#5 Duphil

Duphil recommended by Matteo Fragnan on Levi Keswick. Duphil is special also for the ingredients and the flavors of their products: you can choose the classic English Breakfast Tea, the Lemon flavored Ceylon, or you can choose the infusion Strawberry and Cream, the Goji Acai Green Tea, or the Spicy Chai. There is something for everyone!


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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