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Best High End Brands – Expert Recommendations

November 6, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Brands. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).


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Caldera + Lab


This product was recommended by Jared Pobre from Caldera + Lab


Good skincare is as important for men as it is for women. A morning skincare routine helps prevent acne and wrinkles and helps protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. However, most men either don’t care or take the time to clean, tone, and rehydrate their skin. And, with so many product choices, creating a simple regime can seem complicated. At Caldera + Lab, we’ve developed a luxurious three-step skincare regimen to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish a man’s face. We use wild-harvested, non-GMO, and organic ingredients, including botanicals clinically proven to be the most potent varieties and 100% fair trade. The Clean Slate is our breakthrough pH-balanced cleanser that uses gentle plant-based cleansing. Designed for sensitive skin needs, The Clean Slate is made with biome-friendly probiotics, clarifying plant extracts, hydrating amino acids, and mineral-rich glacial ocean silt extracts. This lightweight yet invigorating cleanser leaves all skin types feeling sublimely refreshed. The Base Layer is a nutrient-dense nourishing day moisturizer with 360-degree defense against environmental stress, pollution, and blue light radiation powered by immune-boosting and botanical ingredients, plant stem cells, and soothing adaptogenic actives. The Base Layer delivers intense hydration and absorbs fast, without any shine, so that you can start your day confidently. The Good- said to be the Holy Grail of face serums- is a clinically proven, multi-functional, non-toxic formula of over 27 active botanicals meticulously infused over 4 weeks in an ECOCERT COSMOS-certified facility. It’s greentek self/care, born in nature, perfected through science.


Valdé Beauty


This product was recommended by Natalie Rodriguez from The Bonita Project


Valdé Beauty is a prestige, Latinx-owned beauty brand founded by former CMO of Sephora USA, Margarita Arriagada. Inspired by her mother’s determination and courage immigrating from Peru, Margarita launched the brand late last year as an homage to her mother and women all over the world. The brand currently consists of a refillable lip collection featuring richly pigmented shades, impossibly sensual textures, clean, cruelty-free and vegan formulas. The lipstick and balms live within handmade interchangeable vessels, known as Armor, that resemble wings to serve as a symbol of strength and resilience. These collectible vessels have been crafted with meticulous attention to aesthetic form and performance. Valdé Beauty is most highly regarded for its Valdé Armor + Refillable Lip Set, which retails for $199. The set arrives beautifully packaged and allows customers the unique opportunity to personalize every aspect of their lip set: the shade, formula, Valdé Armor and even optional engraving.


Haute Hippie


This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from Haute Hippie


Haute Hippie – Started in 2008 out of a small Manhattan apartment, Haute Hippie created a line of clothing that is not only innovative and sophisticated but also practical, versatile, and sensible. Established by a small group of designers, the brand became a staple of the New York fashion scene in less than a decade. Haute Hippie is embedded in its heritage. She is ageless, confident, and independent. A global nomad. Inspired by the word “Gyp-Set.” A free spirited mix of Gypsy, Jet Set, Rock&Roll and Boho.




This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR


LEZAT – Born and based in Los Angeles, LEZAT captures effortless style and luxe-leisure with feminine, easy-to-wear pieces that fit into every woman’s wardrobe. LEZAT is sustainable and ethically made. Their jumpsuits are a celebrity favorite and their Silk PJ’s are a classic high end staple.


Aya Morrison


This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR


Aya Morrison is a chic, timeless line of clothing and swimwear that inspires women to embrace their uniqueness while also strengthening the bonds of their female community. With a focus on high-quality, affordable-luxury, stylish and functional fashion products, Aya Morrison caters to sophisticated women who love to travel, value comfort, and appreciate style.




This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR


Sustainable and chic accessory line MLE integrates the artistry of old-world techniques with modern designs and contemporary subject matters. They have a range of hair pieces, jewelry, and other fun body pieces. Recurring themes within the MLE brand reference female empowerment and sustainability, with signature pops of color and bold details to create statement pieces. There is also a selection of one-off, high end pieces of clothing that are all handcrafted by the Founder/Designer.


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