20 Best Podcasts About Fashion Industry 2021

May 14, 2021
6 mins read

Are you wanting to learn more about fashion industry? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best fashion industry podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Levi Keswick (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Fashion Industry Podcasts 2021

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The Fashion Feed

  • Publisher: elizabeth stiles
  • Total Episodes: 76

After 10 years in fashion buying, I’m now a fashion brand consultant working 1:1 with new & innovative clothing brands. My focus with The Fashion Feed is to open up the conversation & highlight the many roles within the fashion industry & also educate emerging fashion brands with industry information they can’t find online.

WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

  • Publisher: Clare Press
  • Total Episodes: 142

WARDROBE CRISIS is a fashion podcast about sustainability, ethical fashion and making a difference in the world. Host Clare Press was the first VOGUE sustainability editor, and each week she interviews international guests about the big issues facing the fashion industry. Get to know their personal stories, and be part of the change.


  • Publisher: Tal Cooperman & Matt Crist
  • Total Episodes: 40

No strangers to world-class art, the fashion or hospitality industry, co-founders of BADNWZ™, Tal Cooperman and Matt Crist chat with successful entrepreneurs from around the world about everything from food to fashion.

The Fashionpreneur Diaries

  • Publisher: The Fashionpreneur Academy
  • Total Episodes: 53

A podcast into the diary of Jessica Williams as she carves her own lane in the fashion industry with grace, fashion, and grind. As the self-proclaimed “Master P of the Fashion Industry”, Jessica has an unmatched track record of turning fashion industry hopefuls into thriving, full-time fashionpreneurs. In each episode, listeners walk away both inspired and with the resources and knowledge that aided Jessica in creating 9 streams of revenue within fashion & grossing well over $1M all before the age of 30! Each week, Jessica holds nothing back, even sharing the not so secret ingredient to her success: God. Rate, share and subscribe today!

Fashion No Filter

  • Publisher: Fashion No Filter
  • Total Episodes: 38

Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates.

STATEMENTS: A Critical Fashion Podcast

  • Publisher: Philippa Nesbitt & Katie Wilkes
  • Total Episodes: 20

STATMENTS is a critical fashion podcast, attempting to address issues of ethics, diversity and precarity within the fashion industry. Our guests include a dynamic compilation of fashion scholars, industry insiders and opinionated critics. Co-hosts Philippa Nesbitt and Katie Wilkes both hold an MA in Fashion Studies from The New School, Parsons Paris.

Fashion Rewired Podcast with Brian Hill

  • Publisher: Fashion Rewired Podcast with Brian Hill
  • Total Episodes: 51

A weekly 30-minute podcast focused on the business of fashion. Fashion Rewired is about the successful transformation of your mind, perspective, and daily approach to your fashion brand. During the Fashion Rewired Podcast, we chat with successful fashion designers and business entrepreneurs who share their powerful stories of success. While providing real time industry tips, tools, and actionable strategies to execute today. With the goal of DESIGNING our listener’s brands for success! YOUR HOST: Brian Hill (Fashion Designer and Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week) WHY REWIRE? Every successful fashion designer and entrepreneur at one time or another made the SMART and necessary decision to REWIRE their brain, their attitude and their actions…to get them to their current amplified level of success… FASHION REWIRED will share those stories of transformation with our listeners and give them the blueprint to REWIRE!

Boutique Chat

  • Publisher: The Boutique Hub with Ashley Alderson
  • Total Episodes: 119

Real life strategy, growth hacks, proven marketing advice, and interviews of top leaders for boutique fashion industry businesses. Join Boutique Hub Founder, Ashley Alderson as she talks with retailers, boutiques, wholesale brands & vendors, industry insiders to bring you the proven, juicy secrets that have helped companies rise to the top, and balance life and business. Join the spirit of Community over Competition, and find the next idea or connection for your business.

The Department: a podcast about trends.

  • Publisher: Amanda McCarty + Kim Christenson
  • Total Episodes: 41

A podcast about trends – and how they define the world around us with fashion industry professionals Amanda and Kim.

Fashion Your Seatbelt

  • Publisher: Jessica Michault
  • Total Episodes: 74

The Fashion Your Seatbelt podcast gives its listeners the rare opportunity to hear from some of the leading voices working in the fashion industry today. Each podcast is an exclusive one-to-one conversation with a creative who is crafting the future of fashion. Hosted by the renowned and award-winning fashion journalist Jessica Michault, this podcast is designed to take its audience directly to the heart of fashion and discover what makes it tick.

Recloseted Radio // Sustainable Fashion Podcast

  • Publisher: Recloseted
  • Total Episodes: 78

Welcome to Recloseted Radio! Get resources to launch a sustainable fashion brand, scale your slow fashion company, and make your apparel brand more environmentally friendly. Together, let’s right the harmful fashion industry!

Black Fashion History

  • Publisher: Black Fashion History
  • Total Episodes: 38

A fashion history podcast celebrating the past and present contributions of black people around the world to the luxury fashion industry. It’s black history, but make it fashion! Hosted by Taniqua Russ.

The Fashion School Dropout

  • Publisher: Fashion Mentor Co
  • Total Episodes: 34

The Fashion School Dropout highlights the stories of those who have found success working in the fashion industry and how they did it. Hosted by Brittany Diego, founder of Fashion Mentor, the leading fashion career advice site, each episode goes beyond the glamorous facade of the industry and digs deep into what it really takes to make it in fashion along with actionable takeaways. Keep up with us on IG: @thefashionschooldropout

Gem Junkies

  • Publisher: Parle Jewelry Design’s Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth.
  • Total Episodes: 71

We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

The Fashademix Podcast

  • Publisher: Brum Radio
  • Total Episodes: 6

Two Birmingham City University fashion lecturers, Laura and Sophie talk through the latest fashion news in healthy debates and discussions with an array of guests throughout the industry. Listen to the podcast every other Thursday with your not so normal fashion academics.

That’s So Sabotage

  • Publisher: Emma, Sophie and Nits
  • Total Episodes: 17

Join us and listen in on our private convos, spilling the tea, fashion + beauty advice, and all-things girl talk. We can’t wait to tell our stories on how we’ve sabotaged ourselves through life, the industry and relationships. TTYL! Emma, Sophie and Nits xx Find us on Instagram: @emmaleger, @sophiesuchan & @nitsanraiter

Fashion Half Cut

  • Publisher: Caroline and Kathryn
  • Total Episodes: 39

Join Caroline Barulis and Kathryn Roberts, professional pattern makers, every fortnight for a cheeky drink and a chat about how fashion is made. Enjoy interviews with real industry experts and get to know what really goes into making the clothes we all love to wear. Expect chats about craftsmanship, pattern cutting, sewing, the industry at large and lots of laughs! If you’re into fashion and not taking yourself too seriously then this is the podcast for you!

Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

  • Publisher: Emily Stochl
  • Total Episodes: 116

Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly interview show about rad vintage style with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with! Emily Stochl – @emilymstochl – is the show’s creator and host. Each episode is about second-hand fashion. We come at the subject from all sides. We discuss style, running a fashion business, the global second-hand industry, sustainability, and — of course! — the incredible stories behind our best vintage pieces, and why we choose second-hand first.

Raw & Real NYC

  • Publisher: Meghan Casey & Sam Jenkins
  • Total Episodes: 47

As co-hosts of @rawandrealnyc, Meghan Casey Loftus and Samantha Jenkins are dedicated to bringing authentic conversation to the fashion industry. Through interviewing industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs and girls just like us, this podcast delves into the behind the scenes of some of the industry’s greatest stories and explores business, fashion, beauty, music, wellness and more through the lens of twenty-four year old best friends living in NYC. Follow along with our lives on @rawandrealnyc @meghancaseyloftus and @samijenkins!

FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast

  • Publisher: Nicole Di Rocco : Fashion CEO, Teacher, Mentor and Speaker
  • Total Episodes: 61

Are you ready to launch a Clothing Line? or Scale your Fashion Brand? Get ready to FastTrack your business with the latest strategies, mentoring advice and inspiration from industry experts and Fashion CEOs. FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast with Nicole Di Rocco will inspire you to take action with the goal to work smarter not harder! This podcast is for any fashion entrepreneur that wants to create a sample, sell to big box retailers, master social media for their brand, to seeing their designs walk down the runway at New York Fashion Week. New episodes air every Tuesday.

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