20 Best Podcasts About Chic Fashion 2021

May 14, 2021
8 mins read

Are you wanting to learn more about chic fashion? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best chic fashion podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Levi Keswick (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Chic Fashion Podcasts 2021

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Monocle 24: Konfekt Korner

  • Publisher: Monocle
  • Total Episodes: 4

‘Konfekt’ is a sharp, elegant and well-turned-out magazine from the creators of Monocle. ‘Konfekt Korner’ is the podcast: listen now and discover why celebrating chic, understated glamour, seeking out lesser-known stories and opening closed doors has never been more important. Join ‘Konfekt’ editor Sophie Grove and style director Marcela Palek as they take their seats alongside Gillian Dobias every month. Like a really good dinner party, listeners can count on great conversation, insights, ideas and reports from the world of fashion, craft, food and travel – not to mention a sunny soundtrack.

Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris

  • Publisher: Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader
  • Total Episodes: 304

Pioneering Today is all about getting back to basics, simple living, and self-sufficiency with old-fashioned skills and wisdom in a modern world. With heirloom gardening, canning, preserving the harvest, from scratch cooking, raising your own food, including livestock (backyard chickens, pigs, and cattle), natural medicine, herbs, DIY like soap making along with living a simple self-sufficient life, no matter where you live. Hosted by 5th generation homesteader, Melissa K. Norris, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life. This podcast brings you the conversation from MelissaKNorris.com and The Pioneering Today Academy, with Q&A’s, teaching, tutorials, and always giving you practical ways and tips to live the simple and self-sufficient life.


  • Publisher: Laura E Diez
  • Total Episodes: 149

The eco-conscious lifestyle podcast. Each week, Laura Diez is diving into sustainability and practical climate science. This podcast explores fashion, environmental justice, food, conscious consumerism… just about everything in our lives is tied to the environment. Guests include female founders, clean beauty experts, climate scientists, political experts, and many more. Laura is a sustainability professional with her M.S. in Climate Science and Solutions, who happens to also love speaking to other women about environmentally conscious brands, social activism, and balanced, plant-based living. This show aims to feel like hanging out with your cool, smart girlfriends: educational, approachable, and encouraging you to do what works for you. Sustainability is a good look. Email at: [email protected] and follow on Instagram @ecochicpodcast

Mommy Dentists in Business

  • Publisher: Dr. Grace Yum
  • Total Episodes: 147

Dr. Grace Yum has quietly become one of the highest profile pediatric dentists in Chicago and beyond. She is in a small pool of less than 5% of all dentists who become certified in pediatrics. She also founded and built Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids into a leader in its category. In this Podcast, Dr. Yum shares pearls of wisdom based on her experience that are designed to help moms be successful in their medical careers and in their lives more broadly. She interviews a rotating cast of experts who give invaluable advice from a variety of perspectives: fashion stylists, lawyers, CEOs, nutritionists, skincare experts, parenting experts and more. Along the way, Dr. Yum shares the secrets to her success in balancing motherhood and her growing business interests in dental, real estate and beyond.

The Fashion Tech Podcast

  • Publisher: Enty
  • Total Episodes: 20

The fashion tech podcast explores how technology is changing the fashion industry. Learn from tech innovators, retail disruptors, fashion leaders and investors. Hosted by Sophia Matveeva, Enty founder and Chicago Booth MBA.


  • Publisher: Semaine
  • Total Episodes: 6

Forget the look. Shop the life. Semaine is a new way of shopping. Conceived by co-founders Michelle Lu and Georgina Harding, two creatives looking for a destination where they could find all the things they were obsessed with (fashion, yes, but also art, film, design, food, fitness and travel), Semaine offers a window into the lives of the chic and famous. Whether it’s your favourite artist’s sofa or a cool starlet’s record collection, Semaine provides not just the intel, but the chance to buy it too.

SCHICK Podcast

  • Publisher: SCHICK Magazine
  • Total Episodes: 38

SCHICK Magazine is fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication designed and curated for Africans worldwide. Welcome to our new and exciting digital platform – The SCHICK Podcast. The new home of unscripted conversations for stylish African women (and men) on the go who want to know what’s now and what’s next, hosted by Contributing Editor, Kunmi Omisore.

The Fashion Forward Friends

  • Publisher: Kelly Lund & Thomas Monks
  • Total Episodes: 17

Join us, Kelly Lund & Thomas Monks, two bloggers who LOVE all things fashion and beauty as we talk about everything from runways and red carpets to where the fashion industry is going and everyday style! Always remember to stay opinionated and stay chic!

My Chic Intuition

  • Publisher: Carmen Alicia Ramos
  • Total Episodes: 5

Chic talk on pop culture, fashion, conspiracies, manifestation tips, zodiac horoscopes and much more

Talk Pr3tty To Me

  • Publisher: Jessica
  • Total Episodes: 14

From the Elite, Chic Salon for the modern pr3tty girls, to the pr3tty society where visions come to life through fashion, to now a podcast where all the girl talk is found. Whether you’re a client, hairstylist, or innocent bystander: we welcome you into all the juicy girl talk every Wednesday.

For Your Chi

  • Publisher: Sondra Lockhart
  • Total Episodes: 20

This is an edgy, out of this world, not for the faint-hearted show where Sondra explore’s topics most psychic show hosts don’t dare explore. She brings unique life experiences along with her expertise in zeroing-in to the heart of the matter, in a “cut to the chase,” fashion coupled with her grounded problem-solving techniques utilizing her vast knowledge of metaphysical problem solving skills. You’ll hear wild yet true life stories of her and her clients’ outrageous adventures as well as explore the adventurous side of this world and beyond. You’re sure to be entertained as you dive deep into the Universal rabbit hole. Hot topics will be explored during the first part of the show, while the latter half will be reading and answering your emailed questions!


  • Publisher: ESY FOLLEY GHANA
  • Total Episodes: 1

ESY FOLLEY GHANA is a fashion Design House & a CONTRACT SEWING STUDIO based in Accra GHANA that CUT and SEW for INDIVIDUALS, BOUTIQUES & CLOTHING BRANDS exclusively . Link up with us to help you start chic collections all year round

Chic Happens!

  • Publisher: Cheeky Chic Boutique
  • Total Episodes: 13

Welcome to our podcast, Chic Happens! We’re Rachel Riviello & Mandy Dennehy, the founders and owners of Cheeky Chic Boutique, an online boutique in North Texas! We quickly became best friends back in 2012 and then became sister-in-laws shortly after! We have a great, big group of wonderful family & friends and we truly couldn’t do any of this without their love & support. We became moms together in 2018, so we are each blessed with a wonderful little toddler that keeps us on our toes. We’ve always loved fashion and in 2019, our husbands and babies gave us the motivation to chase our dream and start our own online boutique together and now our very own podcast! We just reached our one year anniversary of our store being open and the sky is the limit for us! Our goal is to provide trendy women’s fashion at affordable prices and quality customer service to all of you! Creating a supportive community with our customers and friends is most important to us. Thank you so much for following us on our incredible journey! We hope you enjoy!

Worthy Chic CHAT .. with Kristal Worthy

  • Publisher: Worthy Media Group, LLC
  • Total Episodes: 41

Whether it’s the Living room conversations EVERY FRIDAY AT 6pm EST talking about Entertainment News, Fashion, Beauty, Worthy Chic Biz and INSPIRATION or just being inspired to RELEASE on Sunday with the Sunday Edition. This is a RAW, RADICAL -Tell It Like it motivational podcast. Kristal Worthy is inspiring many to live a Worthy life style just as God planned. This is Not your regular format – IT AIN’T AVERAGE & she is not your AVERAGE CHICK – She is WORTHY Chic! Go SHOP for your Worthy Gear and FASHION Boutique items! www.worthychic.com #Worthychic #WorthyChicChat #NotYourAverageChick

Chick Chat Room

  • Publisher: Kiss 108 (WXKS-FM)
  • Total Episodes: 12

Chick Chat Room covers all aspects of lifestyle topics including beauty, fashion, style, health and life’s trends. It’s a free-flowing format where no topic is off limits!The show is hosted by Lisa Donovan, co-host of the award-winning Matty in the Morning Show on Kiss108 FM in Boston and Dr. Ruth Tedaldi, dermatologist with Dermatology Partners in Wellesley, MA.Both Lisa and Ruth bring years of experience in the fashion and beauty industries. Before joining the Matty in the Morning Show 16 years ago, Lisa was a publicist for high end retail brands and worked in NYC as senior mgr. of public relations for Coach, Inc. Lisa is married and has 2 boys ages 11 and 8.Dr. Ruth Tedaldi is a Harvard-trained dermatologist who started out as a pediatrician. Dr. Tedaldi has been a leading expert in the field of dermatology for over 25 years and has been published in numerous beauty and health publications. Ruth is married and has 4 grown boys.Weekly guests will bring up-to-the minute info and tips on trends happening in all areas of lifestyle.Listeners are encouraged to DM questions to Lisa and Ruth @lisadonovan108.

Thrift -N-Chic Vintage Reseller

  • Publisher: Narai Lucille
  • Total Episodes: 11

Welcome to the Thrift -N- Chic Vintage Podcast! For resellers and vintage lovers!Join us for discussions on eco contempoary and vintage fashion, reseller tips and grunts! And Fashion History and Contemporary brand highlights!

The Chic Script

  • Publisher: Candace Allen
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Chic Script is a lifestyle. Chic is timeless, contemporary, and feminine. Chic is humility, intellect, and compassion. Chic is living each day with purpose, intention, and style. The Chic Script is a platform for style, inspiration, and community, for young professional women. Welcome, to The Chic Script. Clinical pharmacist and fashion enthusiast, Candace Allen, PharmD.

Chicago: The Building of a Fashion Capital

  • Publisher: FashionBar Chicago
  • Total Episodes: 6

Chicago is known to be a very segregated city – fashion can bring Chicago to a point where we can diversify and embrace all the cultures our city has to offer while creating jobs to keep fashion designers and students employed in Chicago. FashionBar LLC created this podcast to connect with community members in the fashion industry. Tune in every other Tuesday to keep updated on current events in the fashion industry and to listen to exclusive interviews with Chicago fashion consultants, designers, photographers and models. Love the fashion, raise the bar. Follow us on IG: @FashionBarChicago

O-Kei!! Podcast

  • Publisher: Hayden Lee
  • Total Episodes: 49

O-Kei!! Podcast is dedicated to bringing our listeners j-fashion news and discuss important issues in the j-fashion community. We welcome all people from lolita to visual kei and everything in between! O-Kei!! Podcast is a Chicago based podcast, hosted by Hayden Lee and Kamilah Jones. If you are interested in contributing to the show (i.e. news, art, music, being a special guest), send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Drifting On Memories

  • Publisher: Raul Garcia
  • Total Episodes: 39

A lowrider culture podcast. Recorded historical accounts of the Lowrider culture, by its predecessors. Interviews and conversations with the men and women that paved the way for decades of Chican@ culture. The cars, the clubs, the music, fashion and activism of the early days of the Lowrider movement. The Lowrider culture is known around the world but rarely is the story told by those whom were there.

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