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15 Fashionable Luxury Clothing Brands

May 4, 2019
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The clothing game it’s his own magic. Dressing yourself with the finest suits, pants, belts, and shoes is one step from telepathic communication, it tells everyone around you that a player just walked in.

When it’s about first impressions, looking sharp never hurts, only boosts your chances of being taken seriously on somebody else’s eyes and that certainly is not a bad thing. When upgrading your appearance, be sure to choose from the best brands to cause the best impression.

#1 Pantera Bianca

Pantera Bianca recommended by Nathaniel Fried on Levi Keswick.Pantera Bianca wants to get back to the roots of fine Italian Craftsmanship.

The Italian dedication and attention to detail incorporated in every production process are unmatched compared to anywhere in the world.

Combining ethical working conditions with time-less designs inspired by the great men from day’s past, result in marvellous garments that will succeed the test of time.

Making true Luxury available for everybody lies at the core of their philosophy.


#2 Richard James

Richard James recommended by Matthew Stammel on Levi Keswick.

Established in 1992 by Richard James and Sean Dixon, Richard James quickly established a reputation for itself as a leading luxury brand that has set the standard for contemporary tailoring and menswear. In the last 25 years, the label has achieved international commercial and editorial success, whist retaining its cult status among the fashion, pop and film cognoscenti.

Vibrant color, clever cut and offbeat combinations set the Richard James collections apart from other menswear designers. The collection is carried by leading retailers around the world, including Barneys New York, Harrods, and Mr. Porter, among other leading retailers globally.


#3 Ari

ARI recommended by Lindsay Wells on Levi Keswick.

ARI is an luxury menswear brand that, for 18 years, has been dressing gentlemen of all backgrounds with comfortable, sophisticated and luxurious Italian clothing that they can wear for any occasion. In true luxury fashion, each garment is cut and sewn masterly, using legendary Italian craftsmanship and textile genius.

Over the years, ARI has perfected its line of high-quality clothing and accessories for the edgy gentlemen, creatively combining contemporary details and formalwear silhouettes to create unparalleled leather jackets, fully custom suits, cashmeres, outerwear and more.

Moreover, every single item that ARI offers can be made to an individual’s custom sizes and can be completed within a few weeks. ARI’s unmatched style and ease has garnered the loyalty of the top celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Rande Gerber, Seal, and Chris Martin.


#4 Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton recommended by Amy Towery on Levi Keswick.

Todd Shelton is a made in USA menswear brand. Todd Shelton specializes in men’s jeans, shirts, trousers and knits that create cohesive wardrobe basics. All garments are made-to-order in the brand’s New Jersey factory with industry leading fit options and personal customer service. Todd Shelton clothing is sold exclusively on All fabrics are sources ethically and responsibly from the world’s leading mills.


#5 Canfora Sandals Of Capri

Canfora Sandals of Capri recommended by Joni Cohen on Levi Keswick.

Canfora, a favorite of Jackie Kennedy’s was founded in 1946 by Amedeo Canfora. Each pair of sandals is made entirely by hand in the company’s workshop and store on the historic Via Camerelle in Capri. Sophia Loren, Princess Grace, Princess Caroline, Jackie Kennedy, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Naomi Campbell, just to name a few have all been big fans of Canfora sandals.


#6 Soffiab

SoffiaB recommended by Sophie Burkart on Levi Keswick.

SoffiaB was created out of the quest to find the perfect robe and we’ve combined the best in British bedroom expertise with American craftsmanship. They are designed for style and comfort, aimed to accommodate varying climates whilst remaining elegant.


#7 Dark_Tones™

Dark_Tones™ recommended by Caterina Rose on Levi Keswick.

I love this brand because they are unconventional and interesting. In a space that has been bombarded with fast fashion, this luxury clothing brand is extremely refreshing.


#8 Mykristi

MYKRISTI recommended by Elena Slivnyak on Levi Keswick.

MYKRISTI isn’t just a luxury women’s clothing brand, it’s a movement. Elena Slivnyak, the designer and founder of MYKRISTI started this brand in memory of her sister, Kristi who passed away recently due to mental health. It is her goal to bring more awareness on mental health while making women feel beautiful and empowered when wearing a piece from her collection.

She wants to make them feel like anything is possible. You may be familiar with Elena from her avant-garde brand, IIMUAHII. She has been on Project Runway, has had pieces in The Hunger Games, national Sprint commercials and worn by icons such as Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Debbie Harry and more. She’s definitely a powerhouse at pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion.


#9 Maison Atia

Maison Atia recommended by Victoria FABRE on Levi Keswick.

Maison Atia, in a spirit of ethical fashion is also proud to support PAWS Chicago; a leading no kill shelter in North America. Every of our coat sold provides a homeless puppy or kitten transportation to a no kill shelter.


#10 The Volte

The Volte recommended by Matt Keats on Levi Keswick.

The Volte is known as the Airbnb of Fashion. The Volte is an online community marketplace for designer fashion where users can both borrow and lend designer fashion and accessories. For lenders, it’s an opportunity to make some money back on expensive outfits and for borrowers, it means they can wear the latest fashion at a fraction of the cost.


#11 Auteurent

AUTEURENT recommended by Isaiah Wittingslow on Levi Keswick.

The Melbourne-based design house was founded by Isaiah Wittingslow in 2017. With a clear vision of his own story he writes short narratives that form the collections he presents. With a focus on the male form he develops and crafts timeless garments and accessories with meticulous attention to detail. As he believes that coherent, elegant and quality design will last a lifetime.

All garments are made by the finest artisans across the world with months of perfecting and scrutinising going into each garment released.


#12 Stella Mccartney

Stella McCartney recommended by Vanessa Valiente on Levi Keswick.

Not only does Stella McCartney make fantastic clothing, she has always been a leader in sustainable and vegan fashion.


#13 Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe recommended by Vanessa Valiente on Levi Keswick.

Paul Costello’s line is always flattering yet fabulous with expert tailoring and the most yummy fabrics.


#14 J.Js Lee

J.Js Lee recommended by Vanessa Valiente on Levi Keswick.

J.Js Lee is all about edgy minimalism with a dollop of sexiness.


#15 Tata Naka

Tata Naka recommended by Vanessa Valiente on Levi Keswick.

Tata Naka is so much freaking fun. I always think of Tata Naka when I want bold prints for my clients.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Nathaniel Fried from Fupping

Matthew Stammel from Lawlor Media Group

Lindsay Wells from 5W PR

Amy Towery from Todd Shelton

Joni Cohen from Joni Cohen Consulting

Sophie Burkart from SoffiaB

Caterina Rose from Dark_Tones™

Elena Slivnyak from MYKRISTI

Victoria FABRE from Maison Atia

Matt Keats from Prosperity Media

Isaiah Wittingslow from AUTEURENT

Vanessa Valiente from V-Style

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