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The Best Luxury Brands For Mom | Expert Recommendations

December 22, 2022
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This article showcases our top picks for the Luxury Brands For Mom. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Natalia Montero from Power Digital Marketing

Modern Tailor defines the theme of our pre-fall collection. Think of it as a playful interpretation of the season’s more sophisticated mode: soft layers (rather than T-shirts); tailored trousers (goodbye, sweatpants); statement jewelry and leather footwear (replacing hair in a messy bun and sneakers). After two years of athleisure looks for remote work, a more dressed-up sensibility seems entirely appropriate. Tailored ankle boots with a chiseled toe and stacked heel take center stage, as do pointed-toe ankle boots with sculptural heels, oversized chain-link hardware, edgy zipper accents and rich, lustrous croc-embossed leather in a deep palette. For casual silhouettes, we reaffirmed our commitment to supreme comfort with soft nappa leather, box-calf combat boots and loafers with substantial yet ultra-light outsoles. Our new classics are designed to provide endless versatility along with our trusted weatherproof technology for transitioning into the cooler autumnal months.

Element Apothec

This product was recommended by Davina Kaonohi from Element Apothec

CBD products should be in every mom’s survival. With all the ups and downs that come with being a mom at any stage of motherhood, it’s nice to have wellness and beauty products that can help mom’s be at their best throughout the day, have the most beautiful and nourished skin, and get the rest we need after the kids are in bed at night. From Element Apothec’s Nourish Lotion to the Belle Visage Face Serum and the Calm Cool Collected and Rest Relax recover Tincture Element Apothec is perfect for all mom’s.

Gorgeous Confidence

This product was recommended by Nicole Van Lun from Gorgeous Confidence

Gorgeous Confidence is a luxury skincare line for BUSY Moms! GLOW LIKE A MOTHER, aka G.L.A.M, is a 3-step skincare system that is formulated with natural, high-quality ingredients that cleanse, rejuvenate and provide age reduction benefits, giving moms everything their skin needs to remain healthy and radiant during the most demanding period in their life.


This product was recommended by Rachel Davis from Soul Factors

I think the best luxury brand for moms is the coach brand. Aside from its high-quality vintage, it also includes a modern style which makes it perfect for moms because they look for luxury products that would make them look young again. Also, I recommend this because I love their designs that are both cool and fashionable and you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, it is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry because they were built to last.

Mikutowski Woodworking

This product was recommended by Jessie from Mikutowski Woodworking Inc

Mikutowski Woodworking makes the finest jewelry boxes and desk items handmade by a small team of woodworkers in the USA. Each item is not only expertly handcrafted but can be further customized with a personal laser engraving. Only the best lumber is hand picked for every small batch of products made.

Kàn Studio

This product was recommended by Carmen Wong from Kan Studio, LLC

At Kàn Studio, we pride ourselves in simplifying skin care routines: – We created a multi-tasking face serum that eliminates the need for a toner, essence, and exfoliator without skimping on quality as traditional all-in-one products do. As nice as a spa day might be, it is not always attainable for everyone. A luxury product that can be used everyday is. – We utilized ingredients commonly found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and combined them with science-based ingredients for a high-performing, efficient, and effective product. – The design of the bottle was created specifically for the space-saving, elegant-loving, Marie Kondo- fanatic, minimalist in mind. We chose a square-shaped bottle because it fits so nicely in small bags and fits well with other containers.


This product was recommended by Daisy Jing from Banish

Includes the new & improved Banisher 2.0! The Starter Kit’s got your back (and your skin!) Armed with 6 holy-grail skin care tools and products to prevent and combat your skin’s main concerns, naturally! The Starter Kit is a best-selling kit and our number 1 recommendation when starting your Banish journey! The products included are chosen to give your skin a feeling of a deep-cleansed, luxurious facial in your own home. All products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free, proving you can achieve healthy, glowing skin with gentle products without the use of harsh chemicals – all possible with the Starter Kit! A 263 dollar value when sold individually – the Starter Kit really is the best bang for your buck! What’s It For? – Great for acne prone skin – Reduces the look of acne scars and hyperpigmentation – Uneven Skin Tone and Texture – Promote Skin Elasticity – Reducing appearance of fine lines – Soothing Irritated Skin


This product was recommended by Vivi Mintara from Eye Makeup Lab

ESPA is the epitome of luxury – its vast range of organic and natural skincare products are wonderful for pampering every mom! My kids bought me a spa set from ESPA for my birthday, and all of the products in the set smelled absolutely amazing. My skin felt so soft afterward, and I have found that they all last for a long time too.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

This product was recommended by Megan Coyle from The Gallavant Group

Whether Mom’s pleasure is the perfect Martini, a refreshing G&T, or a cooling Cucumber Strawberry Crush, Jaisalmer Gin is the perfect ingredient to compliment any cocktail hour! Jaisalmer Gin is a luxury gin, crafted from a triple distilled neutral base spirit which is then redistilled in copper pots, combining tradition with technology. This creates the perfect pedestal upon which to showcase our eleven botanicals, seven of which are sourced from the far reaches of the Indian subcontinent. Notes of vetiver, coriander, cubeb berries and lemongrass combine with Darjeeling green tea and citrus peel to create a flavor profile reminiscent of the rich history of the city of Jaisalmer and India itself. We are pleased to add, the Rampur Distillery, where Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin is made, was awarded India Gin Distillery Of The Year at 2021 NYISC.

Matrescence Skin

This product was recommended by Lisa Schwartz from Matrescence Skin

Matrescence Skin, the only natural skincare line developed specifically for every stage of motherhood, that has created several facial and body skin systems for moms and moms-to-be who deserve to be pampered with clean beauty. The At Home Spa Ritual, Rose Glow Trio, Hydrate and Glow and Pregnancy Skin Care gift sets range from $156 – $254 and are all simple yet luxurious ways to make sure mom always feels her best. All Matrescence products are 100% Vegan, EWG Verified, paraben-free, with no animal testing or hormone-disruptors that could potentially affect fertility or breast milk production. Safe and worry-free, it provides women with a practical yet indulgent organic self-care ritual.

She Does

This product was recommended by Nikki J from Olivia Liveng PR

We understand what it’s like to feel boxed in and limited to reaching your full potential. The Shehe Does team created a lifestyle brand with authentic content and products to help women feel inspired and remind them that an empowered lifestyle is achievable. The whole concept behind the She Does suits is equal parts creator and designer. It is a natural fit. Drawing from the modeling swimwear experience of CEO Audrey Waldron, and Graehme’s background in evening wear design. They endeavored to explore a sexy edge and employ day-to-night designs that they felt were lacking in the industry.

Sexy Sweats

This product was recommended by Devi Khanna from Khanna Connections

Sexy Sweats embodies the unique creative vision for bodaciously curvy women. What makes Sexy Sweats so attractive is its daring designs, vibrant colors, and intricate stitching with slimming illusions. Each individual piece is crafted with the intention of making bold statements while enhancing one’s silhouette frame. Their pieces stimulate encouragement. With support from Sexy Sweat’s form-fitting pieces, women see themselves as confident and comfortable in their skin. Made of the finest assets including removable bra pads, adjustable straps, dry fit, and compression, this brand is affordable ($18- $82), sized XS-XXL, and easily purchased online.

Albert Hern

This product was recommended by Maria Ferraro from Albert Hern

In Albert Hern we want the jewelry you wear to be meaningful, our main product are the Initial pendants, because more than wearing an initial it can combine with a birthstone (the month she was born, a children’s or a very personal special month) and also choose her favorite gold color as the cherry on top of the cake. Initials are a timeless trend, so it will always be a good choice. But most important, wearing your initials (or giving it as a gift) is part of showing off your actitud and what represents you, demonstrating who you are and what you like. What’s more meaningful than representing yourself or a special moment or person in your life? Celebrating those people who fill your life with irreplaceable memories is even better when you give them a very symbolic gift, inspired by something representative that you share. Anniversary month or birth date are good alternatives.


This product was recommended by Lauryn Vacey from ilāstrate

IlaStrate hand painted mats are one of a kind, beautiful, natural, sustainable AND most of all inspirational. Mom’s typically have a difficult time with self care – Khecara hand painted angel wings yoga mat by ilaStrate inspires mom to get to class and feel confident on her mat. A great gift for mom.

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