Woodland Hills: Pioneers of Opulent Event Innovations in California

February 8, 2024
2 mins read

The city of Woodland Hills, California, may be known for its lush landscapes and extravagant homes, however, its reputation as a hub for thriving businesses, particularly within the events industry, is fast gaining traction. A range of companies, from business consultants to media groups and everything in between, have set up shop here and are creating innovative solutions to meet the demands of the outright complex events industry. These enterprises, not only contribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of Woodland Hills, but they also play a significant role in establishing the area as a key player in the events sector on a national level.

Meanwhile, Levi Keswick is on a mission to bring you a closer look at these important businesses located in Woodland Hills. In this segment of our series, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the iconic companies in this sector that truly demonstrate the great diversity and innovation of the industries present in the city. From media giants to innovative healthcare solutions, Woodland Hills is a lively breeding ground for businesses in the events sector. As we delve into the profiles of these companies it will become ever clearer why Woodland Hills remains a destination for entrepreneurs and firms aiming to make it big in the events industry.


With a headquarters located in the heart of Woodland Hills, Infocast is pioneering strides in Business Development, Consulting, Events, and Market Research. The company shines a spotlight on events that foster growth and innovation within their respective industries. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @infocast_events.

DLH Media Group

Another quintessential Woodland Hills-based business, the DLH Media Group pioneers the Events, Media and Entertainment, and Music sectors through negotiations and publicity. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on Twitter with the handle @DLHMediaGroup.

The Orthobiologic Institute

The Orthobiologic Institute is changing the way we approach healing through research and practical training located alongside the Convenience and Luxury of Woodland Hills. Stay updated with them via Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter at @tobiconference.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction offers an innovative approach to events, news, and publishing, all while headquartered in Woodland Hills. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or find them on Twitter with the handle @sciencefiction.

Below the Line

One of the unique companies in Woodland Hills, Below the Line serves Communities, Events, and Publishing sectors. They strive to represent the voice of the crew with their newspaper. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, using the handle @below_the_line.


SFV-CAMFT focuses on the Events, Health Care, and Non-Profit sectors based in Woodland Hills. They deliver various services including graphic advertising, eblast advertising, and marriage and family therapy services. Join them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on Twitter, under the username @sfvcamft.

King Trivia

A queen in the realm of trivia in Woodland Hills, King Trivia is making its presence known as an exciting and innovative company operating in the Events, Media and Entertainment, and Nightlife sectors. Follow them on Facebook and join the king of trivia on Twitter with the handle @KingTrivia.

Mayhem Media

Based in Woodland Hills, Mayhem Media focuses on the Events and Mobile industry with their innovative product “SpotMyRide”. Their services are ideal for auto and motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to share and explore new rides. Mayhem is on Facebook and on Twitter under the username @spotmyride.

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