What First-Time Boat Owners Need To Know

What First-Time Boat Owners Need To Know

April 11, 2024
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Buying your first boat is an exciting moment. However, new boat owners must ensure they’re familiar with proper boat maintenance, storage, launching, and driving practices. Let’s look at four aspects of what first-time boat owners need to know to be successful.

How To Maintain the Boat

Just like cars, boats require regular maintenance to stay in working condition. Boats need engine maintenance annually, along with occasional general maintenance and repairs. If you don’t plan on doing these yourself, take time to find a mechanic before you hit the water. Boat owners in colder climates must also learn how to prepare a boat for winter.

How To Store the Boat

Boat owners must also plan where they’ll store their boats during and after boating season. While many boat owners assume they can store their boat on their trailer, they don’t consider where that trailer can sit. Not all apartment complexes or residential neighborhoods allow long-term boat parking. Luckily, many marinas offer combined storage and maintenance packages, solving two considerations simultaneously. Just be sure to call in advance, as these facilities fill up quickly.

Boat Launch Etiquette

You’ll need to launch your boat before you take your first boating trip. However, launching isn’t as easy as simply dropping your boat in the water and driving away. Boat-launch ramps have an established etiquette designed to reduce traffic on busy weekends. Learn and follow proper launching etiquette to avoid stress for you and other boaters.

The Rules of the Water

Many new boat owners assume that driving a boat is like driving a car. While the steering wheel and other mechanical aspects of driving might be similar, boats follow their own laws and “rules of the water” that differ from the rules of the road. You must take a driving course and earn a boating license before taking your first boating trip. Knowing the rules of the water will keep you and other boaters safe on the water.

Now that you know what first-time boat owners need to know, you can take the necessary steps to become a safe and responsible boat owner. Enjoy your new boat!

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