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We Deal In Only The Best Luxury Glasses Brands In The Market

October 21, 2020
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Good glasses or sunglasses can be hard to find. Having to squint in the meantime doesn’t help. But nor does the fact that there are seemingly as many indistinguishable eyewear brands on the market as there are light receptors in your retinas.

Definition: the quality of being desirable, costly, exclusive, and stylish.

Apparently, just like chocolate or diamonds, it’s all in the gloss of the term luxury. If that’s the case, then a luxury glass brand is basically a top-of-the-range brand with a history spanning multiple generations, masterfully blending details, functionality, and quality with overall style.

Is It Just About The Price?

Supposedly, only a small portion of people who buy luxury glasses are merely influenced by the aesthetic and/or brand connotation of the term luxury. More so, because luxury branding is now such a widely used tool of marketers, people will be inclined to purchase high-end products sight unseen.

However, a large portion of these luxury goods is mass produced and only made to look like it was hand crafted by only a few artisans. This could be a reason why many people buy luxury goods. Surely, it’s not that they have obscene amounts of disposable income.

Maybe they just want to feel better about the investment. A large quantity of luxury goods are wearable art, which helps to improve people’s self-esteem and improve their self-confidence. Not a bad way to treat yourself.

If that’s true, then what makes a brand, a luxury brand? And what makes people willing to spend more on a certain brand?

The Answer Is In The Details

It’s in the details that the differentiator is found. Everything about a luxury brand from the manner of production, to the quality of the materials and the quality of the details will make or break the experience. Luxury brands will always be full of details.

The branding is very closely tied to the details. Once you understand the intent of the branding, then you will be able to understand why it is priced the way it is. It is the intent that backs up the details. It is the details that define the brand and its luxury.

What Is Luxury?

Not only will you have opinions about what luxury is, but you may also have an object that measures up, and you may be able to define the details that caused you to make that decision in the first place, but only you will understand the reasoning behind your decision. These are the details that create that sense of exclusivity, which is the draw of a luxury brand.

There are many ways to call the top brand names in eyewear luxury, but it comes down to your definitions and what you perceive to be luxury. Other than that, the details are in the eye of the beholder.

What Do People Look For In a Luxury Glasses Brands?

  • Better quality than normal
  • Authentic and genuineA well-known brand name
  • Authenticity and genuine materials
  • Materials that can’t be faked
  • Name brand materials
  • High precision design and functionality
  • Quality materials
  • Subtle designs
  • Name brand materials
  • Quality construction

Design is Important

From your name brand, to the way you design your glasses, eyewear designers know how to play and exaggerate their details. They often also use unconventional materials, colors, and cuts to create that extra special design. A normal person may not be able to identify the significance of these design elements.

However, seeing all the elements come together to make a whole, the larger design, then you are able to tell the difference between a normal designer and a high-end premium designer. In many cases, these designs become iconic.

When you see a certain design, you automatically know who the designer is, or at least the brand. You will be able to spot the details as well as the intent. These designers are able to create designs that are meant to last for generations and for people to continue being inspired by for many years to come.

Construction and Fit

The details of the construction are at the very core of the details that make up a luxury brand. These details have to be looked at in a different way. You have to look at the construction of the frame and how that plays out.

You should get hypnotized by the details, but you still need to be able to identify the details of quality in order for you to know if something is of high quality, or if it is just fancy packaging without any substance.

The fit of the glasses has to be perfect. It’s that fit that gets you into the mental state to be willing to pay for it. How the glasses fit your head is what makes you feel comfortable with the purchase. In that way, you are in tune with another person about your preference in glasses. Which is what social media is all about, and what others will have to look at, probably for a long time.

The Experience

Other than the details, the experience is what you get to share with the rest of the world. In a way, you are responsible for the experience that you want to give to the next person. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the details in order for you to have an experience that will keep you satisfied.

If you’re willing to spend more to create a certain experience for yourself, then the next person has to pay for it, as well. So maybe your experience is worth the price you pay for it.


This product was recommended by Leighton Prabhu from Mr. Thrifty

Italic their products are made in the same factories as the top brands but are offered for a fraction of the price. They just launched a collection of sunglasses (see attached for an example. Italic has an interesting membership business model. The members pay cost prices and Italic makes its money with the annual subscription fees. The perfect business model for a thrifty consumer who also values quality and luxury (without the labels).

Sapphire Eyewear

This product was recommended by Seamus Flynn from Flynns opticians

Sapphire Eyewear is a luxury brand of blue light glasses The glasses are made of the highest grade acetates and quality metals and have high performance optics in their lenses. It is run my myself, an optometrist, who ensures the highest quality standards are maintained.


This product was recommended by Michael Miller from VPN Online

When it comes to comfort and design, nothing beats the best. Ray-Ban has been at it since Tom Cruise literally launched them into stardom in Top Gun. Although more famous for its sunglasses, Ray-Ban has a lot of options in opticals too. Styles like the Aviator, the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster have lots of imitations out there. Their designs are so influential that they have been copied over and over again. But nothing beats the original and investing in them is worth every penny!

Tom Ford

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from QuoteInspector

Tom Ford glasses are both sophisticated and bold. The style is classic and never goes out of style, but at the same time is combined with edginess that makes them especially perfect for the modern world. They’re expertly crafted and designed to last a long time. You will never blend in with the crowd with a pair of Tom Ford glasses. They’ll add flair to your style.

Dolce & Gabbana

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Dolce & Gabbana Glass collections combine the refinement of materials with the preciousness of details. They have original sunglasses and iconic frames that will make you stand out.


This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Influential, innovative, and progressive, Gucci is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. The Gucci eyewear line for men features glasses and sunglasses with metal and acetate frames, from classic aviators to the bold Hollywood Forever styles.

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