Venice-based Brand Marketing Pioneers: Levi Keswick’s Luxe Fashion Influence

February 6, 2024
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Welcome to the latest edition of our series focusing on companies operating within the brand marketing industry and hailing from the beautiful city of Venice, California. This bustling district is a veritable hotbed of innovation and creativity, with a host of diverse companies targeted on casting their innovative ideas to the wind. Today, we will be shining a spotlight on several noteworthy entities, ensuring you have the lowdown on these dynamic and intriguing businesses.

As the home of numerous industries from film and fashion to technological development, Venice, California has spawned numerous successful companies that have made their mark in various industries. Despite the disparate sectors, the companies featured all share a common denominator: they all operate within the realm of brand marketing. This series sets out to highlight the unique ways these companies build and promote their brands.

It’s clear that this Venice-based companies are impacting industries far beyond California, and even the US. Let’s venture on a journey showcasing their unique perspectives, missions, and contributions to the business world.


First up is Markett, a potent force in the blogging platforms and brand marketing landscape. Founders Erin Pederson, Franky Bernstein, and Kaye P. established the company in 2016. They’ve developed an on-demand sales force that creates new customers for the fastest growing brands through a unique connection of companies and influencers via authentic content. Get connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Friday Beers

Next, we have Friday Beers, a media platform, production company, and lifestyle brand that creatively infuses elements of brand marketing, fashion, and information technology. Founded by Jack, Max, and Samuel Barrett, this company translates everyday moments into immersive experiences. Stay updated with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vibrant Body Company

Vibrant Body Company, led by founder Michael Dennis Drescher, designs and markets custom bras and underwear to accommodate women of all shapes. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay abreast of their latest collections.


The creation of Franky Bernstein, Kickback is a social shopping app providing exclusive brand discounts, cashback, and incentives for friends’ recommendations, essential in today’s online shopping landscape. Engage with them further on Facebook and LinkedIn.


FNDR is the brainchild of Ivan Wicksteed and Stephen Butler. The consultancy firm operates within multiple sectors including brand marketing, consumer electronics, and environmental consulting. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Non-Member Films

Created by Mary Westcott and Zeke Anders, Non-Member Films is an artistic digital media production company focusing on innovative story-telling in branded content, film, and video projects. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Maddocks Venice

Renowned for their work in the advertising and brand marketing fields, Maddocks Venice exemplifies creativity in graphic design. Get in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Free Radicals

Under the creative guidance of Chad White, content-creating company Free Radicals is revolutionizing the advertising and brand marketing industry. Discover more about them on LinkedIn.

Savvy Media

Founder Alexis Charbeneau’s Savvy Media operates within the realms of advertising, brand marketing, and content, producing attention-grabbing events. Keep updated with their ventures on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mobile Theory

Established by Scott Swanson, Mobile Theory delivers advertising campaigns that engage and immerse mobile consumers, reaching more than 50 million mobile internet users worldwide. Engage with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Ann Flower Communications

Last but not least is Ann Flower Communications, a consulting and public relations firm pioneered by the eponymous Ann Flower. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The creative energy and innovation encapsulated within these Venice-based companies are a testament to the strength and diversity within the Californian brand marketing industry. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates in this series as we continue to explore the companies that call Venice, California, home.

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