Unveiling Top München-Based Event Companies: A Luxury Fashion Perspective

February 8, 2024
2 mins read

In the heart of Europe, München, Bayern, Germany is not only known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and world-class beer. The city is also a prominent hub for businesses operating within the Events industry, with some of the most innovative companies establishing their headquarters here. From organising high-profile technology conferences to hosting galas for international expatriate communities, these companies showcase a great variety of services bringing people together, nurturing communities, and facilitating global networking opportunities.

Today, we take a closer look at some of these notable companies in the Events industry which have made München their home, offering a glimpse into their origin, operations and contributions to the thriving event scene in the city. Each company highlighted in this article has its own unique approach towards events, offering a broad spectrum of experiences for consumers and businesses alike.

Apart from hosting events, these companies also integrate different aspects of technology and digital media into their operations. They are prime examples of how the event industry is rapidly evolving with the advent of digital technologies, changing the way we network, socialise and do business globally.

InterNations GmbH

Founded by Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato, InterNations is the largest global network and information site designed specifically for people who live and work abroad. With 1.8 million members across 390 cities worldwide, the company offers both online and face-to-face networking opportunities at around 4,000 monthly events and activities. The membership-based network unites expatriates and global minds, providing avenues for connection, information and support. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter

Messe München

Messe München is an exhibition company offering customer-centric platforms for successful business both at the Munich home location and globally. For more than five decades, Messe München has been connecting people all over the world through their exhibitions and business events. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Bits & Pretzels

Initiated by Andy Bruckschloegl, Bits & Pretzels is a multi-day festival for founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts. Drawing 5,000 participants each year, it aims to shape a better future through innovative ideas and technology. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Co-founded by Markus Rieger, GoingPublic is a media company focusing on corporate finance and investment topics. It operates multiple web platforms, publishes numerous journals, and organizes around 30 events per annum. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


LOPEC operates primarily in the Electronics, Events, Manufacturing, Trade Shows industry. With headquarters in München, the company offers innovative solutions within its respective industry. Follow them on: Twitter | LinkedIn

Löhr & Partner

Löhr & Partner, a company in the Advertising, Events, Social Media industry presents unique solutions for their clients. They have Facebook and Linkedin. Follow them on: Facebook | LinkedIn


Part of the Events, Fleet Management, Software industry, SiteOS offers comprehensive software solutions for businesses. It combines advanced technology with superb customer service. Follow them on: Twitter


Founded by Wolfgang Renner, Allpower is acknowledged for its expertise in Event Management and also provides advice to businesses. It uses its events to provide unique experiences that create lasting memories.


Tollwood integrates the rich traditions of München into its events. It has been a driving force in the Art, Concerts, Events, and other entertainment sectors in the city. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter


Motorsport-Magazin stands out in the Automotive, Events, Information Services, News, Publishing industry with its unique offerings and high-quality content. Follow them on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


In the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Events industry, PLAN 3 is prominent for its unique approach towards brand growth and customer interaction. It uses innovative production techniques to deliver standout projects. Follow them on: Facebook

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