Unveiling Top Hague-Based Beauty Brands Elevating Dutch Luxury Industry

February 6, 2024
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The Hague, capital of Zuid-Holland, is a cosmopolitan city in The Netherlands known for its bustling local businesses. A key sector that drives its economy is the beauty industry, with several companies specializing in cosmetics and e-commerce. These companies use innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients to provide beauty solutions for customers. Today, we will take a dive into the world of beauty companies based in The Hague.

The companies highlighted in this feature range from e-commerce platforms selling various beauty products to manufacturers creating top-quality cosmetics. The beauty industry in The Hague revolves around the creation and distribution of products designed to enhance personal appearance, with several companies paving the way for an organic and sustainable approach to beauty.

Without further ado, we invite you to explore some of the most influential and growing beauty companies based in The Hague, whose commitment to their craft drives the beauty industry forward. Click on each company’s name to visit their website.


Suebelle operates in the industry of beauty, cosmetics, e-commerce, and retail. This vibrant company has established itself as a leading online platform, specializing in Korean skincare products. Visit their Facebook page for the latest updates.


ImkerHub is a renowned entity in the beauty and cosmetics manufacturing industry. They have set the bar high by maintaining exceptional quality in their products. For more insights, you can check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Goldy Glow

Operating in beauty, cosmetics, and e-commerce, Goldy Glow is a brand known for its superior-quality products. Exploring their Facebook page and following them on Twitter is a perfect way to stay in tune with their updates.

Arabian Scent

Arabian Scent is a company that specializes in beauty, cosmetics, e-commerce, and retail. They offer a unique range of products enriched with Arabian scents, making them stand out in the industry. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

Organic Atelier

Operating in the beauty and cosmetics, Organic Atelier is dedicated to providing organic hair color solutions. Learn more about their products and updates by checking their Facebook page.

De Online Kliniek

De Online Kliniek is a pioneer in the beauty and cosmetics industry with an e-commerce presence. Peruse their products and latest offerings on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Salphy is a remarkable brand under the beauty, cosmetics, and personal health sector. Offering organic and natural skin care products, Salphy sets itself apart from other beauty brands. Follow them on Facebook to not miss their latest updates.

Marcel Vermeulen

Marcel Vermeulen stands out in the beauty industry with its unique inclusion of jewelry and retail. Visit their Facebook page to stay updated about their latest designs and collections.


If you’re searching for beauty, e-commerce, and healthcare solutions specialized for women, look no further than CurlMania. Their product focus on hair care, particularly for curly hair. Check out their Facebook page to catch up on their offers and announcements.

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