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Unveiling the Elegance: A Deep Dive into Dom Perignon 1995

July 14, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Dom Perignon 1995 is a complex and vibrant champagne with notable appreciation in price over recent years
  • The vintage has received high acclaim from critics for its layered flavors and aromas
  • Proper serving and pairing can significantly enhance the tasting experience of this fine champagne

The Prestige of Dom Perignon 1995

Dom Perignon, the luxury Champagne house under the umbrella of Moet & Chandon, has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the world’s finest vintages. One such vintage that stands out in their collection is the Dom Perignon 1995, a champagne of bold complexity, elegance, and smoky intensity. This vintage is currently priced around $395, showing an impressive appreciation of 45% from $290 in 2019 to $425 in 2021.

The 1995 vintage was a good year for Dom Perignon’s Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards in Champagne, France. Despite an overcast spring, the exceptional summer, paired with rain showers near the harvest season, offered the grapes perfect ripeness.

The Distinct Flavor Profile of Dom Perignon 1995

The Dom Perignon 1995 Champagne is a feast for the senses. Its bouquet is complex and perfumed, opening with notes of brioche and honey, and gradually developing into the aroma of fresh almond, roasted nuts, and smoke. The palate of this champagne is well-rounded, with an intense fruit flavor that balances the mineral notes.

As for its aging potential, the 1995 Dom Perignon is ready to drink and is expected to last up to 2035, gradually revealing incredibly complex and concentrated fruit flavors over time.

Critiques and Accolades of the Dom Perignon 1995 Price and Quality

The Dom Perignon 1995 has been well-received by critics, earning high scores for its subtlety and complex flavor profile. Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar gave the vintage 95 points, praising its wonderfully subtle aroma and rich, smoky palate. Vinous awarded the Dom Perignon 1995 with 94 points for its expressive notes and attractive smokiness on the finish. Meanwhile, Wine Enthusiast rewarded this wine with a score of 93 for its intense and toasty nose, creamy palate, and abundant fruit flavor.

Serving and Food Pairings for an Enhanced Experience

To fully appreciate the Dom Perignon 1995, it is recommended to serve it at 10oC-12oC. The right food pairing can significantly enhance the tasting experience of this vintage. The Dom Perignon 1995 pairs beautifully with appetizers, cheese, Foie Gras, grilled meat, or seafood dishes.

Conclusion: The Worth and Charm of Dom Perignon 1995

In conclusion, the Dom Perignon 1995 price and its enticing blend of flavors make it an excellent choice for celebrations or simply to add to your wine collection. Its complexity, coupled with its steady appreciation in value over recent years, positions this champagne as a worthwhile investment for both wine enthusiasts and collectors alike. So, if you have the opportunity, why not savor the elegance and depth of the Dom Perignon 1995 and add it to your wine repertoire?

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