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Unraveling the Investment Mystique: Do Breitling Watches Hold Their Value?

September 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Breitling’s rich history adds to its brand value, making it a contender in the luxury watch market.
  • Certain Breitling models like the Superocean Heritage and Navitimer have proven to hold their value over time.
  • Age and limited edition features can significantly influence a Breitling’s value.
  • Second-hand Breitlings often offer good investment opportunities compared to retail prices.
  • Breitling stands alongside brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet when it comes to value retention.

The Breitling Legacy: A Brief Glimpse

When it comes to Swiss luxury watches, Breitling is a name that often surfaces in conversations among aficionados and investors. With its inception in 1884, Breitling was ahead of its competitors like Rolex by two decades. Innovations like the independent chronograph push-piece and a role in aviation history make Breitling a powerhouse in the horological world. Given the brand’s longstanding history and reputation for craftsmanship, it’s natural to ask, do Breitling watches hold value?

Crowning Jewels: Popular Breitling Models with Investment Potential

Superocean Heritage

This model, a tribute to the 1957 original, combines diving functionality with classic Breitling style. Offering a range of features like a date window and chronograph, the Superocean Heritage has something for professional divers and fashionistas alike.


Designed in 1952 for aviators, the Navitimer became the official timepiece for the world’s largest pilots club, The AOPA. An instant classic, it remains one of Breitling’s most iconic watches and is a solid investment choice.

Premier Heritage Duograph

This model takes watchmaking to its zenith with its ‘rattrapante’ function, allowing measurement of two elapsed times simultaneously. With versions in stainless steel and 18k red gold, it’s a serious investment piece.


Introduced during the quartz revolution in the ’80s, the Chronomat became a Breitling staple. Versatile in design, it’s a good fit for formal and casual settings alike.

Top Time

A sleek chronograph introduced in the 1960s, its unique “Zorro dial” has made it a favorite among collectors and modern fashionistas.

Understanding Value: Do Breitling Watches Appreciate?

When delving into the luxury watch market, understanding which watches hold their value is critical. For Breitling, several factors come into play:

  1. Reference Numbers: Each Breitling model has a unique reference number that sheds light on its design, movement, and rarity. Always check this to gauge a watch’s investment potential.
  2. Age: Vintage models, especially limited editions, often appreciate over time. Taking care of your Breitling ensures it stands a better chance of gaining value.

Second-hand Breitlings: Untapped Investment Goldmine?

Unlike certain Rolex models that sell for higher than retail even in the second-hand market, Breitlings usually sell for less than their retail value. This makes second-hand Breitling watches a potentially wise investment. They offer a chance to explore models without the burden of retail prices, and since Breitling watches hold value reasonably well, you are not sacrificing much in terms of investment potential.

Other Brands to Consider for Value Retention

Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet also fare excellently in the value retention arena. Rolex, for example, is a household name that has models trading at 2-3 times their retail value. Patek Philippe, founded in 1839, still holds the record for world timekeeping precision for mechanical watches. Audemars Piguet has gained traction among younger crowds with its Royal Oak and Aquanaut models.

Conclusion: Breitling as a Timeless Investment

Do Breitling watches hold value? The answer leans toward yes. Thanks to its rich history, consistent innovation, and a diversified catalog of iconic models, Breitling remains a strong contender in the investment game. While the brand may not always match the hype surrounding Rolex or Patek Philippe, it provides a robust portfolio for those looking to diversify their luxury watch collection. Whether you’re entering the luxury watch market for the first time or looking to add another treasure to your collection, Breitling offers both timeless elegance and reasonable value retention.

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