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Unraveling the Charm and Craftsmanship of On Cloud Shoes

August 9, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • On Cloud shoes, originating from Switzerland, have grown immensely popular since their inception, rivaling established brands like Nike, Adidas, and Brooks Running.
  • The brand’s key differentiator is its unique cushioning technology, offering a soft landing yet a firm take-off.
  • Sustainability plays a crucial role in the brand’s operations, with initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 footprint, and usage of recycled and vegan materials.
  • On Cloud shoes feature an exclusive speed-lacing system for swift and easy wearing and removal.
  • Majority of On Cloud shoes are made in China and Vietnam, showcasing global manufacturing processes.
  • The brand’s popularity has enabled its availability across several platforms and stores.

Unveiling On Cloud Shoes: More than just Footwear

On Cloud shoes are a trailblazing product from the Swiss brand ‘On’, which has garnered massive global recognition since 2010. With a community of over seven million runners spanning over 50 countries, On Cloud shoes have solidified their standing as a credible competitor to established brands like Nike,

Adidas, and Brooks Running. But what exactly fuels the popularity of these shoes? What sets them apart from their contemporaries? A deep dive into the design, materials, features, and production process of On Cloud shoes can offer some enlightening insights.

Decoding the On Cloud Range

On offers an extensive selection of footwear for women, including the Cloudmonster, Cloudstratus, Cloudgo, Cloudflow, Cloud 5, and Cloudnova shoes. Additionally, the brand has ventured into collaborations, most notably with Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer, resulting in limited-edition styles.

On Cloud sneakers are lauded as the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoes. Winning the ISPO Gold Award for the ‘Best Performance Shoe for 2015/16’ following their launch in 2014, the shoes demonstrate a commitment to performance and quality. The brand has continued to innovate, introducing waterproof features and continually updating older styles.

Sustainability: Walking the Talk

A significant aspect of On Cloud shoes’ popularity stems from their commitment to sustainability. The brand diligently works on reducing its CO2 footprint, both at the product and operational levels. The shoes incorporate recycled polyester, organic cotton, and wool wherever feasible. This commitment to sustainability extends to the goal of utilizing 100% certified organic cotton and 100% mulesing-free wool. The brand is also exploring vegan fabrics in its shoe range, reaffirming its dedication to sustainable practices.

Distinct Features: The Cloud Advantage

One of the unique features of On Cloud shoes is the ‘speed-lacing system,’ which allows users to slip their shoes on and off swiftly. This is a trademark characteristic exclusive to the On Cloud range of sneakers. However, recognizing the diversity of their customer base, On Cloud also accommodates traditional shoelaces for those with slimmer or wider feet.

Founders and the Roots of ‘On’

The On Running brand is the brainchild of Olivier Bernhard, a former professional athlete and multiple Ironman winner, along with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Launched in Zurich in 2010, the founders envisioned a range of Swiss-engineered products to revolutionize the footwear industry. Over a decade later, On sneakers are available in over 8,700 retail stores across more than 50 countries, testament to the popularity and global reach of the brand.

The Manufacturing Process: Are On Cloud Shoes Made in China?

On adopts a global approach to manufacturing, with its factories situated in multiple locations worldwide. The majority of On Cloud shoes are produced in Asia, particularly in Vietnam and China. The brand is forthright about its manufacturing processes, allowing curious customers to explore its factories, offices, and warehouses via the transparency and responsibility section on its website.

Alternatives to On Cloud Shoes

Though a relatively new player in the market, On Cloud shoes face competition from other innovative brands such as Brooks, Hoka, Topo Athletic, Karhu, and ASICS. All these brands share a common goal of enhancing athletic performance through innovative design and technology, though each possesses its unique selling proposition.

Where to Buy On Cloud Shoes?

The increasing demand for On Cloud shoes has made them readily available across various platforms. The most reliable place to purchase is from the official On website, which ships to over 50 countries. Alternatively, you can find On Cloud shoes at major department stores, including Nordstrom, and online platforms like Net-a-Porter, Amazon, and Zappos.

In conclusion, On Cloud shoes combine innovation, sustainability, and performance to offer a unique product. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an everyday fitness enthusiast, the “are On Cloud shoes made in China” question becomes less relevant when you experience the comfort of walking on a cloud.

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