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Unearthing the Intrigue of 2013 P Nickel Errors and Beyond

May 28, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • Nickel error coins are highly sought-after by collectors due to their rarity and unique features.
  • Some of the most valuable nickel errors include the 1916 Buffalo Nickel, 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel, and the 1971 No S.
  • Collectors value these coins for their die-breaks, missing mint marks, and other distinctive errors.

A Treasure Trove of Nickel Errors: Uncovering Their Allure

Error coins have always been a subject of fascination for collectors and numismatists. The allure of these coins lies in the fact that their imperfections, often resulting from minting errors, make them rare and valuable. In this article, we delve into the world of nickel errors, with a focus on the 2013 P nickel errors, and explore some of the most sought-after coins in circulation.

The Appeal of Nickel Error Coins

Nickel error coins are a collector’s dream, mainly due to their rarity and the unique errors that set them apart from their perfectly minted counterparts. These errors can range from die-breaks, missing mint marks, and double striking to more subtle and intriguing variations.

The 2013 P Nickel Errors: A Modern Rarity

The 2013 P nickel errors are particularly interesting as they represent a modern-day rarity that can still be found in circulation. These coins, produced by the Philadelphia Mint, exhibit a variety of errors, making them highly sought-after by collectors. Although not as valuable as some of the historical nickel errors, they are still considered a treasure for those looking to expand their collections.

A Glimpse into the World of Valuable Nickel Errors

While the 2013 P nickel errors are fascinating, there is a vast world of valuable nickel errors that have captivated collectors for decades. Some of the most notable nickel errors include:

  1. 1916 Buffalo Nickel: This coin is highly prized due to the double line on the Indian chief’s chin and the coin’s date on the obverse. The Philadelphia Mint struck a limited number of these coins, making them extremely rare.
  2. 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel: Another highly sought-after coin, this nickel was originally struck with a 1917 die and later re-struck with a proper 1918 label, resulting in the number eight with a clear seven below it.
  3. 1971 No S: This rare proof coin, produced by the San Francisco Mint, lacks the mint’s S-mark, making it a coveted item for collectors.
  4. 1939 Double Monticello: This Jefferson nickel features a unique error, with the word “Monticello” appearing to be struck twice on the reverse.
  5. 1945-P Doubled Die Reverse: This coin, produced by the Philadelphia Mint, has a double die error on the reverse, visible in the Monticello and the words “Cents” and “States of America.”

Tips for Collecting Nickel Error Coins

For those interested in collecting nickel error coins, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Always verify the authenticity of the coin, as counterfeiters may attempt to capitalize on the demand for these rare items.
  • Preserve the coin’s condition by handling it with care and storing it in a suitable environment.
  • Keep an eye out for unique errors and variations, as these can greatly increase the value of the coin.


Nickel error coins, including the intriguing 2013 P nickel errors, offer collectors an opportunity to own a piece of numismatic history. These rare and valuable coins showcase the unexpected beauty that can arise from imperfections and mistakes made during the minting process. By understanding the unique features and values of these coins, collectors and investors can better appreciate their significance in the world of numismatics. As you search for these hidden treasures, remember that the thrill of the hunt is just as important as the acquisition of these remarkable coins.

So, keep your eyes peeled and be persistent in your search – you never know when you might stumble upon one of these exceptional 2013 P nickel errors or other fascinating error coins that will elevate your collection to new heights.

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