Top Ways To Boost Your Car’s Engine Power

Top Ways To Boost Your Car’s Engine Power

December 15, 2022
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If you’re unsatisfied with your car’s performance and want to increase its horsepower, there are a few things you can do to achieve that goal. Boost your car’s engine power by following these top tips—you’ll notice a definite difference after making these changes!

Install a Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake (CAI) systems utilize a simple scientific principle: cold air is denser than warm air, and dense air burns fuel more powerfully. A cold air intake system sucks in air from an external location and utilizes an extra large air filter designed to bring in as much air as possible. With bountiful and denser air, your engine’s horsepower will increase.

Use Synthetic Lubricants

Synthetic lubricants are more effective at keeping the machinery inside your car moving when compared with traditional oils. They’re not as susceptible to overheating and extra stress, and they hold up better to harsh weather conditions. Synthetic lubricants will keep your engine running in top condition, even in extreme cold and heat.

Add a Performance Chip

If you’ve got a newer car, an internal computer system is responsible for regulating the vehicle’s activities—including engine performance. Not satisfied with your engine right now? A performance chip is a common add-on when tuning a vehicle, as it bypasses the factory-set controls and allows your engine to perform with more power.

Lighten the Load

You move more slowly when you’re bogged down with backpacks and boxes, right? The same principle applies to your car. Your engine’s performance—as well as your gas mileage—decreases when it’s laden with extra weight. Empty any extra gear out of your backseat and trunk for a quick and easy engine boost.

Pro Tip:

Want to lighten the car itself? Consider replacing your glass windows with lighter acrylic options, or swap out your factory rim brakes for lightweight disc models.

Keep Filters Clean

Help your car “breathe” more easily by having your filters cleaned and changed regularly. A car with dirty or clogged filters struggles to take in enough air for optimal fuel combustion. In contrast, clean filters help your car reach its maximum engine power with ease.

Now you know the best ways to boost your car’s engine power. These five tips will help you increase your horsepower in no time.

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