Tokyo’s Pioneers: Unveiling Luxury Dental Brands of the East

February 7, 2024
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Located at the heart of Asia, Tokyo, the bustling capital city of Japan is known worldwide for its technological and innovative advancements. This festive city is home to various multinational companies severing in diversified sectors including health care and particularly dental care. Diverse in their approach, yet unified in their mission, these dental companies strive to improve oral health standards worldwide. They persistently research, innovate, and manufacture to optimize dental care procedures and ensure a bright, confident smile for all. So, let’s shine a spotlight on these thriving dental companies based in Tokyo, Japan.

In recent times, Tokyo has become the dentistry hub of Japan. These dental companies are not limited to just innovations in the dental care tools but are branching out into other sub-sectors such as health care manufacturing, consulting, content, and even medical device management. Despite this broad spectrum, one thing all these companies have in common is their location – Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Moreover, these companies have produced some of the most noteworthy advancements in dentistry. From ultramodern dental equipments to world-class dental care services, these companies are shaping the future of dental care. Spatially located in the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo, they have profound international influences and vibrate at the pulse of global change. Let’s delve into exploring these innovative dental businesses.


Founded by Genki Fujikubo, DentaLight is a dental care firm rooted in Tokyo, dedicated to transforming oral health care. The firm pioneers in inventive dental treatment techniques and additional healthcare aids. Further information about DentaLight can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, as well as their Twitter handle @dentalight_info.


Co-founded by Shuugo Matsuoka, Wandee or 1D operates as a significant web service provider for dental professionals. They are creating a significant buzz in the dental industry with their unique content, dental-friendly tasks, and medical management services. You can follow their latest updates on Facebook and on Twitter at @dntlnews.

Dental Prediction

Dental Prediction, located in Tokyo, is making impressive progress in the dental health sector. They have brilliantly amalgamated emerging technologies like 3D printing, Medical consulting, and Virtual Reality to enhance dental care. To learn more about their work, visit their official website.

Tokuyama Dental

Renowned for its diligent contribution to dental health care, Tokuyama Dental specializes in the production, sales, and repairs of dental instruments and equipment. Their Facebook page offers an array of information about their business and scientific advancements.

Kuraray Noritake

Kuraray Noritake is a dental health care and manufacturing company situated in Tokyo. Manufacturing high-quality dental materials and medical devices, they play a crucial role in upgrading dental health standards.


With expertise in providing excellent consulting services, Plaza assists with insightful advice for dental health care. Their dedication towards improving dental care can be seen on their Facebook page.


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Philduct focuses on dental and beauty healthcare. Their work revolves around the relationship between dental health and facial beauty, connecting dentistry with aesthetics.

Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution

Yoshida provides comprehensive consulting services relating to the establishment of dental clinics and development of dental materials. Also connect with Yoshida on Facebook.


Located in Tokyo, Japan, JRF specializes in the domain of dental healthcare and information technology. They are blending technology with dental science to create a significant impact.


Operating from Tokyo, Japan, MEDIA is a company serving the dental and health care industries with their state-of-the-art IT and Management Information Systems.

GC Corporation

Headquartered in Tokyo, GC Corporation operates in the dental health care sector. The company’s focus is on manufacturing and offering innovative dental products and devices. More details about GC Corporation can be found on their website.

These companies, through innovative technology and dedicated professionals, are continuously working towards the betterment of dental health care. Tokyo, undoubtedly, is a hub of dental care innovation, and the world looks forward to what they will bring next.

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