Tips for Preparing Your Luxury Car for Spring

Tips for Preparing Your Luxury Car for Spring

February 6, 2023
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Spring is a time for great things to emerge and for us to spend time outside. You’ll want to take your luxury car for a spin and enjoy the warmer weather, but before you pull your elite vehicle out of storage, there are preparations you need to make. Read on for the best way to prepare your luxury car for the spring to keep it safe and clean.

Inspect Under the Hood

Once the winter ends, you’ll need to look under the hood to ensure parts of the vehicle didn’t receive damage from the cold. Cold weather will cause the metal to become brittle and dry, and when spring arrives, any frost that accumulates will melt and cause the metal to rust.

If you use your luxury car throughout the winter, the corrosion might be worse since the car goes through multiple phases of freezing and warming up, depending on your area’s climate. Conduct a thorough inspection under the hood, and check for rust or worn-down parts that may cause the engine trouble when you start it up. Repair any parts that have significant damage as soon as possible. Replace the spark plugs and refill all fluids, so you’re ready for the road.

Turn the Engine Over Before You Drive

Keeping your car in storage over the winter is a wise choice to prevent any weather damage. But, its inactivity may have caused the battery to lose its charge.

After looking under the hood, start the car to turn the engine over and supply a charge to the battery. Once the engine turns over and the vehicle starts, keep the car idle to warm the battery and supply a steady charge before you hit the road.

Ensuring the vehicle maintains ignition and power while driving is essential to prepare your luxury car for spring. The effects of winter will have after-effects, and you need to ensure your vehicle is in good condition before you take it for a drive.

Give the Car a Quick Wash and Wax

Your luxury vehicle will most likely have dirt and grime stuck to it from the previous season. Dust and dirt will have built up from the vehicle remaining in isolation under a tarp in storage.

Washing and waxing are great ways to keep your car’s exterior in great shape. Give your car a nice wash and wax to restore its appearance before the winter so it looks as luxurious as it drives. Soap and water will give it an adequate cleaning, and a spray wax is easy to use and won’t leave a heavy stain on plastic compared to other wax types.

Spring is an exciting time to return to the world and drive on clear roads. Make sure your luxury vehicle has the proper preparations before you take it for a spin, so you can enjoy a pleasant, warm-weather day in your favorite ride.

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