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The Untold Mysteries of the 1979 Nickel Error List and More

September 27, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Jefferson nickels are widely sought-after by numismatists for their errors and varieties.
  2. Some rare Jefferson nickel errors can still be found in circulation today.
  3. The 1979 nickel error list introduces intriguing anomalies for collectors.
  4. Determining the grade of a Jefferson nickel is crucial in evaluating its worth.
  5. There are unique strategies to unearth these valuable coins, from bank rolls to coin shops.

The Allure of Jefferson Nickel Errors

The world of coin collecting, or numismatics, is rife with tales of rare finds, precious errors, and unexpected treasures. Among these, Jefferson nickels stand out as a fascinating category, holding many secrets for those with a discerning eye.

Popular Jefferson Nickel Varieties and Their Values

Beyond the 1979 Nickel Error List

  1. 1939 Doubled Monticello, Five Cents: A remarkable double die variety with values reaching up to $500 for mint-condition specimens.
  2. 1942-D D Over Horizontal D: A repunched mintmark error, worth more than $2,000 in pristine condition.
  3. 1971 No S: One of the rarest Jefferson nickels, this error is a collector’s dream, boasting values of over $1,000.
  4. 1979-S Type II Proof: A part of the much-discussed 1979 nickel error list, this variety with a clear “S” mintmark can fetch over $4.
  5. 1981-S Type II Proof: Continuing the mystery of mintmark anomalies, this variant is valued at $4 or more.

The Significance of Grading Your Jefferson Nickel

Value is inherently tied to condition. To precisely determine the worth of your Jefferson nickel, understanding its grade is imperative. Employing tools like a coin magnifier and consulting grading standards can guide even amateur numismatists in this endeavor. Beyond just self-assessment, various resources, including videos and tutorials, are available for budding coin enthusiasts to hone their grading skills.

Unearthing the Gems: Tips for Discovering Jefferson Nickel Errors

While the thrill of the chase in seeking out these valuable nickels is undeniable, employing a few strategies can improve one’s odds of a rare find:

  • Bank Rolls and Boxes: A treasure trove waiting to be explored, bank rolls can sometimes offer unexpected delights to collectors.
  • Yard and Estate Sales: Oftentimes, the uninitiated overlook the value of Jefferson nickels, making such sales a potential goldmine.
  • Coin Shop Cherrypicking: Even some seasoned coin dealers may miss out on recognizing a rare Jefferson nickel variety, giving sharp-eyed collectors a chance to make a valuable purchase at a regular price.
  • Vigilant Examination: Every Jefferson nickel holds potential. By keenly observing each nickel, one might uncover a yet-to-be-documented error or variety.


From the allures of the 1979 nickel error list to the excitement of finding a 1971 No S nickel, the journey of collecting Jefferson nickels is one of passion, patience, and persistence. As more enthusiasts delve into this realm, new discoveries await, ensuring that the narrative of Jefferson nickel errors and varieties continues to evolve. Whether a seasoned numismatist or a beginner, there’s always a mystery waiting to be unraveled in the world of Jefferson nickels.

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