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The Proper Way to Celebrate: Exclusive Cocktails with Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

July 18, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The allure of Irish whiskey: Proper No. Twelve’s distinct blend presents a smooth, approachable taste with a nuanced profile.
  • Unique St. Patrick’s Day cocktails: A selection of five unique Proper No. Twelve-based cocktails perfect for any celebration.
  • The art of mixology: Detailed steps on how to prepare these enticing Proper 12 cocktails, elevating your home bartending skills.
  • The versatility of Proper No. Twelve: Beyond the standard Irish whiskey and soda, discover the brand’s versatility through various concoctions.

An Ode to Irish Whiskey: The Essence of Proper No. Twelve

When it comes to Irish whiskey, there’s no brand quite like Proper No. Twelve. Created with a unique blend of golden grain and single malt, this whiskey offers a complex yet approachable palate featuring notes of vanilla, a honey-like sweetness, and toasted wood. The brand has rapidly ascended to fame, embracing its roots while adding a contemporary spin to the traditional Irish whiskey.

Proper No. Twelve: The Heart of These Signature Cocktails

Here are five exclusive cocktail recipes that highlight the versatility and nuanced flavors of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey. Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, or simply in the mood for a craft cocktail, these Proper 12 cocktails promise to deliver on taste and character.

1. The Notorious B.I.C. (Banana Irish Coffee)

Bringing together the richness of Proper No. Twelve, a hint of cream, the sweetness of brown sugar syrup, the energy kick from cold brew coffee, and the unexpected tropical twist of banana, this recipe creates an Irish coffee with a twist. Blend these ingredients with two cups of ice for a chilled, caffeinated delight.

2. Proper Irish Coffee

As a classic warm cocktail, the Proper Irish Coffee celebrates the harmony between Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, hot coffee, and simple syrup, crowned with a layer of slightly thickened heavy cream. Optionally, a dusting of grated nutmeg can be added on top for an aromatic finish.

3. Green-Eyed Toddy

The Green-Eyed Toddy offers a refreshing take on the traditional hot toddy, combining Proper No. Twelve with the tang of lemon juice, the soothing sweetness of honey syrup, and the calmness of hot green tea. Garnishing with a cinnamon stick adds a warming spice note that complements the whiskey.

4. Proper Hopper

The Proper Hopper serves as a tribute to the dessert cocktail, merging the indulgent notes of Proper No. Twelve, creme de cacao, and creme de menthe, alongside a hearty dose of heavy cream. Shaken and strained over crushed ice, it’s garnished with a fresh mint sprig or chocolate shavings for a touch of extravagance.

5. Proper Irish Float

Lastly, the Proper Irish Float, a playful blend of Proper No. Twelve, coffee liqueur, cola, and an Irish Stout beer, topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. This innovative mix is both a drink and dessert, a testament to the creativity and versatility possible with Proper No. Twelve.

In Conclusion: The Versatility of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

These Proper 12 cocktails reveal the versatility of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey and its exceptional ability to harmonize with a wide array of flavors. From coffee to cream, banana to mint, honey to lemon, these recipes shine a light on the diverse flavor profiles possible when mixing with this unique Irish whiskey. So whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or a quiet evening at home, there’s always a good reason to pour a Proper No. Twelve cocktail. Cheers!

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