The Positive Impact of Socializing: Where to Find Like-Minded People

The Positive Impact of Socializing: Where to Find Like-Minded People

December 13, 2023
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Consider the lyrics of Bill Wither’s 1972 classic, Lean on Me: “Lean on me when you’re not strong,” he sang, “And I’ll be your friend; I’ll help you carry on…” He knew just what he was talking about. Friends make our lives so much better that it’s almost impossible to imagine what it’d be like not to have them.

Humans are social creatures, meaning we yearn for belonging and connection. That’s why having supportive, caring friends may well be one of the most vital contributors to our health and happiness. Friendships provide a foundation in life that helps us create meaning, joy, and growth. When you have close friendships, you don’t need to face life’s difficulties and victories alone.

Unfortunately, friends don’t just drop from the sky like rain; you might never have them if you never go out to make them. And like all other good things in life, making friends requires deliberate effort; you have to put in the work of love, care, and commitment. It’s not enough to call someone your friend; you must act like it, too.

The first step is to find people like you, which means you must socialize. If you don’t know how to, it’s best you learn. Many people get bored and start to despair when they’re all alone, but socializing makes you meet interesting people. Below are a few suggestions for great places to meet like-minded people.

Gaming Tournaments

You have two options: you can either leave it all to chance and hope to meet someone like you randomly, in unexpected places like a cafe, queue, or supermarket. This happens, of course, though it’s so rare that we genuinely experience it as a magical moment when it does happen.

But, of course, you can’t always count on it happening—which brings us to your second option: seek out your interests. This is a more practical option because it shows deliberateness. Consider whether a gamer, for example, has as much chance of meeting a like-minded person at a science fair as at a gaming tournament.

Gaming events provide the perfect grounds for gamers to foster bonds over shared interests while engaging in friendly competition.

Read these fun facts about the WSOP event and think of it as one of the examples of how gaming tournaments can facilitate meaningful connections. Every year, poker connoisseurs converge at the glittering WSOP extravaganza in Las Vegas to showcase their talent and connect with fellow card game devotees. Moreover, there are online tournaments as well, with online forums and groups for gamers.

But far more than a high-stakes gambling event, the WSOP fosters good-natured social interactions set to a lively backdrop. As a player, you spend hours sharing laughs, bonding over card game passion, and forming friendships that endure beyond the tables.

Book Clubs

But not everybody is a gamer. Some people are more literally inclined, and they’d have as little luck meeting like-minded people at the WSOP as a gamer would at a literary event. Imagine, for example, how out of place a book lover might feel at a gaming tournament. We all know what they say about bookworms: they’re shy, introverted, and prioritize interesting conversations.

If that sounds like you, then maybe what you need is a book club. You’re not alone here: book clubs have helped many bibliophiles connect with others like them. Of course, you can’t count on everyone at the gathering to be your person, but the thing about such gatherings is that you are there to talk and hear other people talk. And when opinions are flying around, you have the opportunity to gauge and sift until you find one that fits yours.

But even if it’s not your priority to meet your special person at the book club meeting, you can still go there just to socialize. The social interactions that arise from recurring book club meetings confer significant health benefits beyond simply discussing literature.

Music Concerts

A music concert is another great place to socialize and meet like-minded people. As they say, music is a universal language; hardly anyone doesn’t enjoy some kind of music. But the feeling of meeting someone with your exact music taste, especially if your taste is a niche genre like psychedelic rock or cloud rap, can be magical.

That’s why attending your favorite artist’s concerts is a great idea. You get to enjoy the music with thousands of people who love it—and perhaps you’ll meet someone there who not only shares your musical tastes but also thinks about things in the same way as you.

Film Festivals

If you’re a film lover, you should likely plan to attend a film festival soon. It’s one thing to catch the latest films at the cinemas and quite another thing to attend film festivals. Film festivals expose you to filmmakers, actors, other industry people, and film enthusiasts.

It’s a whole different experience from the mostly solitary activity of film-watching. You get to expand your social circle and forge lasting bonds with other film enthusiasts.

House Parties

If all else fails, you can count on house parties that can vary based on your imagination, including even hot tub parties. Your parents would tell you that house parties have been a great way to socialize and meet new people since the olden days. From impromptu gatherings to elaborate celebrations with lengthy guest lists, they provide a relaxed, intimate setting for meaningful interactions.

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