The Outlierman Adds Two New Compelling Colour Combinations To Its Sought-after Bespoke Driving Glove Collection

October 26, 2020
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  • Bologna-based, The Outlierman, has launched two new colour combinations, Dark Green and Cognac and Dark Blue, Red and Ivory to its Bespoke Collection of driving gloves
  • New gloves extend the choice available to customers to match the colour scheme of their carc
  • Just four Italian artisans possess the skills and experience to handcraft the gloves
  • A full day is lavished on creating each pair of gloves
  • Nappa lambskin and peccary leather provide unparalleled levels of softness and resistance that delivers the purest possible driving feel

The Outlierman, makers of handcrafted luxury automotive-inspired accessories, today introduces two new stunning colour combinations of driving gloves to its Bespoke Collection. 

The new driving gloves are offered in Dark Green and Cognac and Dark Blue, Red and Ivory. Like all the gloves in The Outlierman Bespoke Collection, they are handcrafted by artisans in Italy to the highest possible standards using only the finest materials available – nappa lambskin and peccary leather.

“The joy our customers have for their cars and for the romance of driving is something that we share at The Outlierman, and we are constantly looking at new ways to celebrate that passion. Adding the new Dark Green and Cognac and Dark Blue Red and Ivory driving gloves to our Bespoke Collection gives our customers greater choice when selecting a pair of driving gloves to complement the colour scheme of their favourite car,’ explains Andrea Mazzuca, CEO and founder of The Outlierman.

Each pair of driving gloves from The Outlierman Bespoke Collection represents an exclusive choice. And the creation of each pair of gloves requires unprecedented levels of skill and years of exceptional experience that is today possessed by only four people in Italy’s famed Naples glove-making region. 

The gloves are entirely handcrafted, using a delicate and precise process that involves passing thin strips of leather into small holes on the back side of the glove to create a refined lattice. It is an incredibly complex technique, and each pair of gloves requires an entire day of work to complete. The four ladies who still possess this almost-lost technique have been using it to create the finest gloves for over half a century. The pride, passion and attention to detail they lavish on their work is second to none. They even use two separate pairs of glasses to perfect every single detail in each pair of gloves.

“We are fortunate at The Outlierman to be able to call upon such experience to create our Bespoke Collection of driving gloves,” continues Mr Mazzuca. “Combining that skill with fine nappa lambskin and exclusive peccary leather, which can only be found in certain parts of South America, results in unparalleled levels of softness and resistance that delivers the purest possible driving feel. We are confident that our customers will relish pulling on their Bespoke Collection driving gloves more and more each time they take to the road.”

Each pair of Bespoke Collection gloves comes with a special handmade leather case. To help with the selection process, customers can use the size tool, which along with the Bespoke Collection and other products from The Outlierman, can be found here.

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