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The Luxury Home Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

June 27, 2020
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These are the gadgets that you never would have thought you needed in your home. All of these items come highly recommended and are luxury quality, take a look below.

Natural 7 Bar 32″ Heated Towel Rack With Tdc Timer

This product was recommended by Andrew Taylor from Bathroom Butler Online

Hygienically dry towels: With a heated towel rack you never have to worry about using horribly damp, musty-smelling towels again – you will have deliciously dry towels whenever you need them.

Added hygiene: Many illnesses are caused by germs and bacteria, and there is no better breeding ground for these unwanted visitors than a damp, clammy towel left carelessly on the floor or hung up on a hook to dry. By folding a damp towel in four layers, and leaving it to dry on the deliciously warm bars of a heated towel rack, you’ll be denying any bacteria a place to breed.

Streamlined storage: A heated towel rack provides you with a safe and attractive purpose-made place to hang your towel out of the way. They cost marginally more than plain, traditional towel racks, but with the added advantage of offering a drying functionality that will leave your towels smelling fresh and keeping them free of bacteria.

Save on washing: Hygienically dry towels mean that you do not need to wash your towels as often. Instead of having to wash them everyday, or every second day – with a heated towel rack in place, you will only need to wash them a maximum of twice a week, depending on how often you use them. This in turn will save lots of water and electricity, as you won’t be running your washing machine or dryer as often.

Inexpensive to run: Due to Dry Element Technology (DET), modern heated towel racks are comparatively inexpensive to run – this is largely due to the fact that you can control the temperature settings, program the heated towel rack to switch on and off automatically, and it is efficient to do so because of rapid heating, or in other words your heated towel rack will reach optimum temperature withing 10-15 minutes of being switched on. The average heated towel rack draws about 60 Watts of electricity which is equivalent to a standard light bulb.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

Nothing screams luxury more than a tray for your bathtub. It’s perfect for eating, reading, using your phone, and of course enjoying a glass of wine. It’s adjustable and slip-resistant so you can be sure it won’t fall. It’s a tray for two, so you can enjoy it with someone else. With its money-back guarantee, it’s a no brainer!

iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum

This product was recommended by Samuel David from Smart Home Vault

Feature-rich; smart & advanced; awesome design & hardware; plenty of controls & customization options; and an excellent product support. Simply put, the Roomba s9+ is a fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaner. Pricey, though, at more than a thousand dollars. Nonetheless, you should consider the Roomba s9+ if you live in a large house with pets and plenty of thick carpets, or if you’re looking to clean along walls and edges. Besides its vacuuming strength and amazing product support, the s9+ is also intelligent, efficient, and convenient to use.

Juno Lighting 6-inch Juno AI Smart Light

This product was recommended by Hollyn Page from Sweeney

Juno AI is the only smart downlight on the market with both Alexa Built-in and an integrated premium JBL speaker, now available on Amazon. With both these advanced technologies, you can get rid of clutter on your counters and create a smart home in your ceiling. It can be installed even if you already have downlights in your home – and takes less than 5 minutes to install. Juno AI is the perfect gift to create a sleek and pleasing look within your home with the benefits of a smart home ecosystem – without the wiring. Homeowners can use it to schedule appointments, play music, run the vacuum, hear the news, and much more!

Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

This product was recommended by Mira Rakicevic from ComfyLiving

Jura is a leading automatic coffee-machine brand that makes an elegant addition to your home. As a leader in innovation, Jura has taken this coffee machine to the next level, allowing it to be controlled via an app on smart devices. This adds to the convenience of having an automatic coffee maker that can make you a wide range of coffee blends from start to finish. The Jura S8 comes with a 4.3″, high-resolution touchscreen color display which allows you to create your favorite coffee with just one-touch. It can store 16 different specialties for quick access, including an authentic Americano. The device is high tech, boasting an AromaG3 grinder that uses a Pulse Extraction Process to create the highest grade coffee blends from the comfort of your home.

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