The Best Trees To Plant Around Your House

The Best Trees To Plant Around Your House

November 8, 2021
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Landscaping adds value, character, and sometimes protection to any home. A luxurious property isn’t complete without a lush collection of beautiful trees to complement the opulent house. Some trees strictly function as something pretty to look at; however, others provide a sanctuary for peaceful wildlife or even privacy from encroaching neighbors. Check out this list of the best trees to plant around your house.

Weeping Cherry

Coming in all sizes, weeping cherry trees offer the best of both worlds when it comes to a beautiful landscape: the graceful canopy of a weeping willow mixed with the vibrant pink hues of a cherry blossom. In a word, these trees are stunning. If you’re going for a “cottage-core” vibe on your property, these majestic trees are perfect. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds and delicately shed their blossoms to give an enchanted feeling across your backyard.


The best feature of a dogwood tree is its beauty during the winter and fall, as the branches are striking and elegant. Much like the weeping cherry, the dogwood tree blossoms into vibrant white, red, and pink shades during the spring. In the summer, it offers a compact canopy perfect for sitting under and escaping the sunlight. These trees grow exceptionally fast, and wildlife such as deer don’t often destroy them.

American Holly

The American holly is a valuable, elegant tree to plant across your property. Known for its strikingly sharp leaves and bright red berries, it’s an appealing tree that fits in with any style. It’s hardy, too, and it can survive harsh winters. Additionally, it’s perfect for creating a natural fence in your backyard, attractively offering privacy. Lastly, the American holly attracts small critters and birds, allowing it to add liveliness to your home.

Green Giant Arborvitae

The ultimate privacy plants, green giants are signs of class and status and some of the best trees to plant around the house. These towering trees work perfectly in a hedge or screen to create a natural barrier between you and your neighbors. Their classic conical shape also makes them suitable as singular attractions scattered throughout the property. They’re fast growing and highly durable, and they thrive in most types of soil.


A crabapple tree is a lovely addition to any property’s landscape. This tree blossoms into intense white, pink, and red colors come springtime, adding vibrant light to complement other foliage or a home. In the winter, the colors shift to that classic autumn combination of red and orange. As winter settles in, its haunting yet beautiful roots and branches will stand out in your yard, perfect for Halloween and winter holiday decorations. Lastly, crabapple trees feature cute, delicate apples that attract peaceful critters and even provide savory snacks.

Remember that you want to set your trees up for optimal success as they grow and brave different weather conditions, so remember to research when to implement your plants. For example, you can plant some trees late into the fall or even in the winter. Happy planting, and enjoy your lively and protective backyard thanks to these tree tips!

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