The Best Tools for Washing Your Car

The Best Tools for Washing Your Car

July 21, 2021
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A car can be an extension of your own personality and tastes, but that means you need to make the right impression. For any luxury vehicle, you don’t want to let it become neglected and dilapidated. To ensure your car reflects who you are, the best thing you can do is wash and care for it yourself. Here are some of the best tools for washing your car for the most effective care possible.

The Right Soap

Often, you’ll hear many people recommend using dish soap when washing your car, but we highly advise against this. Dish soap is powerful but perhaps too powerful for a car. Dish soap will strip the protective layers of detailing and wax on the car’s exterior, potentially causing more harm than good. Instead, you should seek out soaps that are made specifically for cars. You can easily find these at shops selling auto parts and can use them to ensure your car receives an effective clean without causing any damage.

Car Wash Mitts

To apply this soap, however, you need a suitable washcloth. We recommend getting your hands on a car wash mitt because they’re designed to protect a car’s exterior and, thus, are easily one of the best tools for washing your car. The material is not abrasive and poses no risk to your car’s exterior, but the long fuzzy fingers will trap dirt for a more thorough clean. More traditional tools like sponges present a possibility of scratching the exterior or swirling the paint.

Polish and Wax

After you’ve washed your car, it’s time for the finishing touches. First, polish your car to give it a nice sheen and refurbish the paint. Then, use a microfiber towel to safely remove any leftover polish residue. After you’re done removing the residue, apply wax to give the exterior a nice glossy look that will also protect the car from debris and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Interior Protectant

After you’ve cleaned up the interior, you should add an interior protectant to your dashboard and steering wheel. This will keep them safe from damage if they must sit in the sun. However, be sure you’re conservative with the application of the protectant, as you don’t want the dashboard to become shiny with glare or the wheel to become slippery from oversaturation, as these are both hazards while driving.

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