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The Best Luxury Brands For Teenage Girl | Expert Recommendations

January 7, 2023
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This article showcases our top picks for the Luxury Brands For Teenage Girl. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Albert Hern

This product was recommended by Maria Ferraro from Albert Hern

Colorfull necklaces with initial pendants handcrafted with solid gold, diamonds and oval gems. The perfect Everyday Necklaces for Teenagers. They can choose their initial depending on their favorite colors, birthstone or simply the one that match their soul better.

Solmate Socks

This product was recommended by Molly Flores from Solmate Socks

Our socks are high-quality, made in the US and crafted with premium recycled materials in so many fun colors and designs that teenage girls are sure to love! At a higher-price point due to the premium materials and high-quality knitting, these socks are definitely considered a luxury item.

Victoria Secret

This product was recommended by Josh Band from A Backpacker’s World

Victoria Secret is the perfect luxury brand for perfume! They do bottles for all price ranges and teenagers love them! They are a luxury brand, but one that is affordable too! As they often run discounts, both in store and online. Victoria Secret also makes underwear and lingerie which girls in their older teenage years may wish to buy. But in this case, a gift card is probably the safer option! Overall, Victoria Secret is a brilliant brand, and definitely one that is ‘down with the kids’.

kendi lux

This product was recommended by Saad Rehman from TLK Fusion

During the pandemic, the founders of kendi lux decided to produce a line of candles and fragrances that were free of toxins and delivered high quality fragrance experiences. With over 30 items for sale, they make the perfect atmosphere setting for your home.


This product was recommended by Saad Rehman from TLK Fusion

As much as we like snacking, we also like to stay healthy. When we thought about all the current snacking options available, we realized that they all taste the same. Kale chips, Seaweed chips, the list goes on — none of these snacking trends offered anything interesting, unique or delicious. So we came up with a better-for-you snack that delivers on the flavor standards we craved. Our Popadelics crunchy shiitake mushroom chips aren’t just a snack, they’re an experience.


This product was recommended by Saad Rehman from TLK Fusion

Women-owned, independent, and socially responsible, Allégorie is committed to pushing the boundary of sustainable fashion while solving the food waste problem, one fruit at a time. Usually when two strong-headed enthusiasts meet, it either becomes a disaster or a hilarious adventure. Lucky for us, a candid conversation on our shared bafflement at food waste and greenwashing practices in the fashion industry turned into a pursuit to change fashion for the better.

Milano Collection Wigs

This product was recommended by Saad Rehman from TLK Fusion

Milano Collection Wigs is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality hair wigs and toppers. We take pride in creating the world’s most comfortable and fashionable human hair. Each Milano Collection wig is designed with the latest in contemporary fashion and hand sewed with precise detail to give you long-lasting glamour, security, and comfort. Milano Collection wigs are so lightweight, comfortable, and natural, you won’t believe it’s a wig! Once you wear a Milano Collection wig you’ll immediately agree that your Milano wig is the perfect wig for the perfect you!

Bobbles & Lace

This product was recommended by Lauren Materia from Quotable Media Co

Lindsay Rando is all about making fashion affordable and accessible to all while still bringing the quality and personality forward with her brand. She works with high fashion but also believes that fashion should be accessible to all women and girls, and she strives to make her stores inclusive in this way. Often in the fashion world, as I’m sure you know, it’s all about exclusivity, and clothes that don’t necessarily work for everybody, or every pricepoint. She makes a point to carry high fashion of superb quality while keeping the price point to around $100 for an outfit. A master of curation, Lindsay selects not just the absolute right merchandise for her stores but also curates her team in a similar way- attracting to her brand women and girls who have this same easy-going and inclusive vibe, who effortlessly create this wonderful experience in each store that keeps customers coming back because hanging out in the store is just as much fun as buying something.


This product was recommended by Alice Kim from PerfectDD

PerfectDD designs luxury, sustainable clothing that fit and flatters girls and women whose cups range from an A cup all the way to an M cup. A sweatshirt that’s not oversized and baggy?!! Yes, it exists! Perfect for teens to feel confident with their changing body. No longer do you have to size up to fit a fuller chest and sacrifice looking frumpy. Best of all, all of our product is machine washable and our sleeve details instantly makes you look pulled together. Our collection consists of tees, sweatshirts and dress shirts made in natural fibers, non-toxic dyes, sizes XS-XL, retail $85-175. We are a proudly AAPI-owned, female founded brand, committed to sustainability, from our use of zero-waste packaging to our tag-free designs, manufactured in U.S.

She Does

This product was recommended by Nikki J from Olivia Liveng PR

We understand what it’s like to feel boxed in and limited to reaching your full potential. She Does team created a lifestyle brand with authentic content and products to help women feel inspired and remind them that an empowered lifestyle is achievable. The whole concept behind the She Does suits is equal parts creator and designer. It is a natural fit. Drawing from the modeling swimwear experience of CEO Audrey Waldron, and Graehme’s background in evening wear design. They endeavored to explore a sexy edge and employ day-to-night designs that they felt were lacking in the industry. And because they do it all, you can too.

DYST Candle

This product was recommended by Bailey Briggs from DYST Candle

A pair of entertainment journalists have developed an environmentally-friendly candle line with specially curated scents based on their insider knowledge of our most popular celebrities. The complex scent structures that are made to smell like stars such as Harry Styles, Zendaya and Robert Pattinson are created and sampled using quality essential oils with a natural wax based on interests and elements of a celebrity’s career. These 14 oz candles have an 80-hour burn time and slowly fill the room with a warm scent that lasts throughout the candle’s life. Bailey Briggs and Danielle Hawthorne founded DYST Candle after the pandemic disrupted the entertainment industry and sent workers home. What started as a simple idea to take what they love, and make it into something tangible, turned into a year-long process of learning, developing, and producing their first-ever line of candles with unique scents. These affordable luxury candles would make for great additions to your luxury brands for teenage girls.

Luis Steven

This product was recommended by Jordan Lopez from ChicExecs

Upgrade your wardrobe with a designer bag from Luis Steven. Designed to add color, style, and an element of fun to traditionally dull laptop bag markets, Luis Steven creates designer bags at affordable prices. Their newest collection features a variety of business styles, stylish crossbody bags, and beautiful backpacks to be both functional and fashionable. Whether you’re commuting to the office or heading out for a night with the girls, there is a bag for you. All products are handmade by artisans using premium Italian leather, natural suede lining, and other internationally sourced materials. Check out their original laptop backpack, or explore their newest totes and crossbody bags. No matter what bag you choose, know Luis Steven is made to accompany you for years.

Vivienne Westwood

This product was recommended by Kathleen Ahmmed from USCarJunker

Vivienne Westwood was originally founded in London, back in 1971 as a leader in punk fashion. Ever since then, the brand has continued to pioneer creative and memorable designs from clothing inspired by Victorian-era fashion to modern androgynous styles. It is also one of the few labels in the world that over the past few decades has managed to continuously create a stir commotion not just in fashion, but also in tabloids, which would explain why the brand is widely seen as a symbol for those looking to want to stand out and make a statement. They are also highly committed to sustainability and when you combine this with their many boldly designed luxury items, it’s hard not to see why the brand strongly appeals to many young women out there.

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