The Best Living Room Themes You Need To Try Out

The Best Living Room Themes You Need To Try Out

September 10, 2021
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The living room is the main focus area of every home. If you want the best first impressions, you have to style your living area with one of these living room designs. Check out our list of the best living room themes you need to try out and some luxury items to add to each theme to make it stand out above the rest.

Traditional-Styled Living Room

If elegance and sophistication are two elements of your style, and you want an easy way to create a luxurious living room, then a traditional-styled living room is the match for you. For the style made famous in the 18th and 19th centuries, the furniture used is handcrafted and has subtle, sophisticated designs along the arms or the backs. When shopping to make it look luxurious, add European flair. For example, you can redesign the ceiling to add crown molding and a gilded mirror to adorn the molding look. Before you fall in love, don’t forget to add a leather chaise to help lift the luxury level of your living space.

Rustic-Styled Living Room

A rustic-styled living room is perfect for the person that enjoys vintage and old country farmhouses. Adopt this living room style by using wood tones, and most importantly, natural elements, such as a stone fireplace and leather. Go a step further by adding a piece of luxury, such as woven elements. Nothing says rustic like a homemade woven quilt to drape around you during cold winter nights. Add a neutral-toned woven rug to your living room to allow the space to feel more open.

Scandinavian-Styled Living Room

The Scandinavian-styled living room is similar to the minimalist home style. The design is inspired by nature, as most of the furniture and items used are universal in shape, both abstract and natural. You can truly make this style any way you’d like, but the best way to achieve the traditional Scandinavian theme is to choose neutral-colored furniture and walls. To help balance out with a luxury item, opt for a light gold coffee table to help give the living room a pop of color.

West Coast Contemporary-Styled Living Room

A west coast contemporary style has multiple designs, specifically designs like classic and modern living room themes. Most of the time, this style mimics a cabin theme with a modern design twist. The items used with this idea include wood finishes on the windowpanes and around the perimeter of a TV stand. If you’re looking for a luxury component that could go well with this style, throw in some beach elements, like a dark brown coffee table with sleek lines.

Interior designers are eager to get started on creating your dream living room. From using wooden features to help lift the luxury level of your home to reading our list of the best living room themes to try out today, you can find the right style that allows you to incorporate an element of luxury.

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