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The Allure of VOSS Water: Taste, Sophistication, and Sustainability

May 16, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • VOSS Water is a symbol of wellness and opulence and has a pure taste
  • Sourced from an underground aquifer in Norway, VOSS Water is naturally filtered and pollutant-free
  • The iconic glass bottle design adds to the brand’s sophistication and helps maintain water quality
  • VOSS offers a range of premium waters, including VOSS+, sparkling flavored waters, and has strong celebrity endorsements
  • The price of VOSS Water can be attributed to the production costs of glass bottles and the natural filtration process

A Taste of Luxury: The Story Behind VOSS Water’s Success

VOSS Water, founded in 1998 by two Norwegians, has become synonymous with luxury and wellness due to its consistently pure taste and iconic glass bottle design. Sourced from an underground aquifer in the village of Vatnestrøm, Norway, the water is naturally filtered and free from pollutants, providing an exceptional drinking experience.

Crafting Elegance: The Iconic VOSS Bottle

The sleek and sophisticated glass bottle was designed by Niel Kraft, who brought his experience in cosmetic and fragrance design to create a vessel that would stand out in the premium bottled water market. The bottle not only contributes to the brand’s opulence but also helps maintain water quality by being less porous and non-toxic compared to plastic.

Refreshing Innovations: VOSS Sparkling Flavored Water and VOSS+

In response to market demands, VOSS introduced sparkling flavored water in 2016, offering zero calories, artificial sweeteners, and additives in flavors such as Raspberry Rose, Lime Mint, and Lemon Cucumber. The brand also launched VOSS+ in 2021, a line of premium water products formulated to optimize hydration, health, and wellness.

Prioritizing the Environment: VOSS Sustainability Initiatives

VOSS has made strides in sustainability by reducing water usage at its plant by 15% since 2018 and donating over 1 million bottles of water in major US cities. Additionally, the brand uses glass bottles, which have a lower environmental impact compared to plastic.

Celebrity Endorsements and Sponsorships: The Rock and Tie Break Tens

VOSS Water has gained notoriety through endorsements from celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has been hydrating with VOSS Water for years and now owns part of the brand. VOSS Water was also the official bottled water sponsor for the 2020 Tie Break Tens tennis series.

VOSS Water Pricing, Variations, and Sizes

The price of VOSS Water, often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of bottled water,” is a reflection of the production costs of glass bottles and the natural filtration process that increases its value. VOSS offers a range of bottle sizes and product lines to cater to different consumer preferences.

Comparing VOSS Water to Competitors: Bisleri and San Pellegrino

While VOSS Water is known for its luxury and sophistication, competitors such as Bisleri and San Pellegrino offer their own unique takes on health, wellness, and branding. Bisleri, an Indian brand, promises goodness, trust, and purity through rigorous testing and a diverse product catalog. San Pellegrino, an Italian brand, focuses on tasteful living and offers sparkling natural mineral water, Italian sparkling drinks, and indulgent coffee flavors.

The VOSS Water Experience: Drinking and Storing Tips

To enjoy VOSS Water at its best, have it mildly chilled, create fruit infusions with citrus fruits and berries, and store unopened bottles in a cool, dry, and clean place like a cabinet or pantry. If opened, keep the bottle refrigerated and away from items with strong odors.

A Final Word on VOSS Water: A Symbol of Quality and Prestige

In conclusion, VOSS Water has solidified its reputation as a luxurious and high-quality bottled water brand through its commitment to providing a pure, refreshing taste, its sophisticated glass bottle design, and its dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Its range of premium water products, from VOSS+ to sparkling flavored waters, caters to various consumer preferences, and its partnerships with celebrities and sports events have further established the brand as a symbol of opulence and wellness.

While VOSS Water’s price tag may be higher than some competitors, such as Bisleri and San Pellegrino, the brand’s unique characteristics and commitment to quality make it a worthy indulgence for those seeking a superior drinking experience. Whether enjoyed chilled, infused with fruits, or incorporated into cocktails and mocktails, VOSS Water is a testament to the power of refined taste and innovative branding in the premium bottled water market.

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