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The 3 on the Sides Haircut: An In-Depth Look at a Trending Style

August 12, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The 3 on the sides haircut is a versatile style, offering different variations to suit individual preferences.
  • The length on top can be tailored to create diverse looks ranging from low-maintenance buzz cuts to stylish quiffs or pompadours.
  • Accurate communication with your barber is essential to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Proper home maintenance of this hairstyle involves utilizing suitable tools and developing competent trimming skills.

The 3 on the Sides Haircut: What’s it All About?

The “3 on the sides” haircut, a trendy hairstyle gaining significant popularity, is characterized by the sides and back of the hair trimmed with a number 3 clipper guard to 10mm (3/8 inch). This results in a well-groomed yet comfortably short length that is neither shaved nor long. The versatility of this haircut lies in its adaptability; the top hair can be left longer for a bolder look or trimmed for simplicity.

Visualizing the 3 on the Sides Haircut

To better understand the concept, picture a hairstyle where the sides are neatly clipped to a consistent short length, while the top hair displays noticeable length and volume. This setup allows for a range of styles on the top, including sleek back, side parting, quiff, or pompadour. The look delivers a balanced and stylish image that suits various occasions and personal styles.

Exploring Variations of the 3 on the Sides Haircut

One of the strengths of the 3 on the sides haircut is its vast range of variations. Whether you’re someone seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle or someone keen on expressing personal style, the following options present some possibilities:

  1. The Uniform 3 on the Sides Buzz Cut: This hairstyle involves using the number 3 clipper guard all over for a uniform, easy-to-maintain look. This style doesn’t require any special styling products or complex maintenance.
  2. The Balanced 3 on the Sides with 4 on Top: For individuals looking for a bit more volume and height on top, this hairstyle provides an optimal choice. The top hair is trimmed with a number 4 clipper guard, resulting in a half-inch length that doesn’t demand extensive styling efforts.
  3. The Trendy 3 on the Sides with a Quiff: This variation caters to the style-conscious. The sides are trimmed with a number 3 clipper guard, and the top is left longer to be styled into a fashionable quiff. While this style requires some styling time, the result is a trendy and individualistic look.
  4. The Edgy 3 on the Sides with a Fade: This style begins with a lower number clipper and gradually transitions into the number 3 length. The fading technique imparts a distinct edge to this style, appealing to those seeking a bit of flair in their hairstyle.
  5. The Stylish 3 on the Sides with a Man Bun: A perfect blend of the trendy man bun and the 3 on the sides haircut. The sides are trimmed with a number 3 clipper guard, and the top is left long enough to be gathered into a man bun.

Achieving the 3 on the Sides Haircut at Home

The simplicity of the 3 on the sides haircut lends itself well to home styling. It involves few steps and tools, making it a practical choice for those keen on maintaining their hair between barber visits.

For a successful home haircut, you need a well-charged pair of clippers with a number 3 guard and optionally a number 4 guard. Starting with clean, dry hair is advisable for better precision. Begin by trimming the sides and back of the hair, taking special care around the ears. Following this, trim the top hair to your preferred length. Lastly, refine the haircut by addressing any irregular lengths and neatly trimming the neckline.

While it’s feasible to achieve simpler versions of this hairstyle at home, complex styles like fades or quiffs are best left to professional hairstylists or barbers due to their intricate nature.

Communicating Your Preferred Style to the Barber

Understanding how to effectively communicate your preferred style to your barber is crucial. As the 3 on the sides haircut comes with numerous variations, conveying specific details will ensure your barber delivers a haircut that meets your expectations.

Be explicit about your desired length on the sides and back, whether you want a uniform length or a fade, and your preference for the top hair’s length and style. Discussing smaller details, such as your preference for a hard or soft line on the sides and how you want your neckline to be styled, is equally significant.

Concluding Thoughts

The 3 on the sides haircut, with its balance of style, versatility, and easy maintenance, is truly an appealing choice for various lifestyles. The key to perfecting this haircut is experimenting with the different variations, understanding your hair’s character, and communicating effectively with your barber. Whether you’re a fan of a clean-cut look or a more distinctive style, the 3 on the sides haircut has an option for you.

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