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The 2010 Dom Perignon: A Remarkable Vintage Worth Every Penny

June 25, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The 2010 Dom Perignon vintage emerged from a challenging growing season
  • This vintage consists of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Noir grapes
  • The 2010 Dom Perignon price averages $180 for a 750 ml bottle
  • Critics have given this vintage exceptional reviews and high scores
  • The aging potential of the 2010 Dom Perignon is estimated to be around 10 years

The 2010 Dom Perignon: Overcoming a Challenging Growing Season

The 2010 Dom Perignon vintage is a product of an unpredictable and harsh growing season, which included a cold winter, a dry spring, and a rainy summer. Despite these challenges, the masterful winemaking skills of Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon led to the creation of an enigmatic and highly praised vintage.

A Unique Blend: Adapting to the 2010 Harvest

Due to the development of botrytis mold in many of Dom Perignon’s Grand Cru vineyards, the Cellar Master decided to create a cuvée with a higher Chardonnay content. The final blend consisted of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Noir grape varieties, resulting in a refined and well-balanced vintage.

The 2010 Dom Perignon Price: What to Expect

The price of a 750 ml bottle of the 2010 Dom Perignon vintage averages $180. This premium price reflects the wine’s exceptional quality, prestigious reputation, and the challenges overcome during its creation.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors and Aromas

The 2010 Dom Perignon offers a luminous sweetness of candied fruit, mandarin orange, and peony on the nose. On the palate, ripe acids and a pearly mousse mouthfeel are accompanied by slightly spicy and peppery notes. This vintage wine also provides a sappy sensation, with the body unfolding generously and leading to a pleasant saline finish.

Acclaimed by Critics: High Scores and Glowing Reviews

The 2010 Dom Perignon vintage has been well-received by critics, earning high scores and exceptional reviews:

  1. James Suckling: 98/100 points
  2. Wine Enthusiast: 96/100 points
  3. Wine Spectator: 96/100 points
  4. Decanter: 93/100 points
  5. Jancis Robinson: 18.5/20 points

These reviews highlight the wine’s unique character, aging potential, and exquisite flavor profiles.

Aging Potential: A Vintage Worth Cellaring

The 2010 Dom Perignon vintage is estimated to have an impressive aging potential of around 10 years. This timeframe allows the wine to evolve gracefully, further enhancing its complex flavors and aromas.

Food Pairings: Complementing the 2010 Dom Perignon

The 2010 Dom Perignon pairs well with a variety of dishes, including pork, rich fish (such as salmon and tuna), and mild, soft cheeses. Additionally, it complements shellfish, lobster, and crab dishes, making it a versatile choice for any dining experience.

A Testament to Resilience and Expertise

The 2010 Dom Perignon serves as a testament to the resilience and expertise of the winemaking team at the renowned Moët & Chandon wine company. Despite the harsh growing season, they managed to craft a vintage that has captivated the palates of wine lovers and critics alike.

A Prestigious Addition to Your Wine Collection

Given its exceptional character, investing in the 2010 Dom Perignon is a wise decision for anyone looking to expand their wine collection. This remarkable vintage not only holds its value but also promises to enhance your wine-tasting experiences over the years.

A Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

The 2010 Dom Perignon also makes for an unforgettable gift for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, or milestone celebrations. Its prestigious reputation and enchanting taste are sure to delight any wine connoisseur, leaving a lasting impression and creating cherished memories.

Serve the 2010 Dom Perignon in Style

To fully appreciate the 2010 Dom Perignon, it is essential to serve it at the proper temperature and in the appropriate glassware. The ideal serving temperature for this vintage is between 45-50°F (7-10°C). Using a Champagne flute or a white wine glass with a tulip shape will help preserve the wine’s effervescence and concentrate its complex aromas.

Conclusion: A Vintage That Embodies Excellence

In summary, the 2010 Dom Perignon is a remarkable vintage that embodies excellence in winemaking. Its intriguing taste, impressive aging potential, and prestigious reputation make it a valuable addition to any wine collection. Whether you’re purchasing it for yourself or as a gift for someone special, the 2010 Dom Perignon price is a worthwhile investment for an unforgettable wine experience.


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