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February 7, 2024
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Content creation has thrived as an industry in recent years, especially in digital-rich, entrepreneurial cities like Singapore, Central Region, Singapore. The city-state is home to a burgeoning community of content creators, innovating in the fields of brand marketing, social media, digital entertainment and more. This has significantly contributed to the evolution of online business, entertainment and education. In this article, we delve into a series of businesses headquartered in Singapore, shaping the avant-garde trends in the content creation sector.

These companies boast a diverse scope in their services, from marketing and advertising, e-commerce, edtech, to blockchain-based social networking. Whether it’s crafting compelling narratives for foreign corporations, inviting contributions to community conversations, or redefining the creator-fan experience through technology, these businesses have evolved their strategies to create transformative products and platforms. In this thriving industry, let us take a closer look at those leading the revolution.

Starting the list is AJ Marketing, a marketing and advertising firm specializing in unique strategies that help foreign businesses flourish in Asia. The company was founded by Arthur Sabalionis and Joon Kim in 2019, drawing a range of services from influencer and digital marketing to creative production, Asia celebrity licensing, and SEO. You can learn more about AJ Marketing by visiting their Linkedin page.


Taki, a blockchain-based social network that empowers anyone to earn a daily income by participating in community conversations. The platform offers a chance to manage and own one’s rewards in the Rally Network. For more information on Taki, visit their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Ario Tamat, KaryaKarsa provides an innovative platform for online creators to showcase and monetize their creative works directly to their fans. To learn more about KaryaKarsa, you can visit their Facebook, check out their LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.

Nas Company

Previously known as Nas Academy, Nas Company was founded by Nuseir Yassin with an intention to foster community products that bring people together. The company has developed tools that aid individuals in starting and managing an engaged community. To learn more about Nas Company, view their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


As the first global platform in Asia focusing on the film industry, Filmplace connects film professionals to venues suitable for filming. Founded by James Chen, Laticia Fan, Lincoln Lin, and Rajkumar G., Filmplace is the industry equivalent of Airbnb. Visit their LinkedIn or follow them on Facebook to learn more about their services.

90 Seconds

90 Seconds, a globally recognized cloud video production platform, was launched by Nick Erskine-Shaw and Tim Norton in 2011. With over 32,000 videos produced in 100 countries, 90 Seconds offers high quality, fast, easy, and affordable video content. Check out their Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.

Beyond Brands

Beyond Brands, founded by Aigerim Tulekova and Simon Wong, is an all-in-one monetization platform designed to help creators launch, grow, and scale their businesses without writing a single line of code. Check out their LinkedIn to learn more.


Metabay revolutionizes the content creator-community relationship by offering a unique platform that invites interaction through chat groups, video calls, and exclusive content. To know more about Metabay, visit their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Storify.Me, a marketplace for indie content creators and micro-influencers to connect with brands and marketers, can be found at their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.


Gool. empowers anyone to become a creator by simplifying the creation process from ideation to product development. You can learn more at their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


Finally, we have Venuerific, a marketplace connecting people who wish to host events with suitable venue owners. Founded by Cynthia Jee Yoon Kim and Ricardo Sentosa, Venuerific helps create unique experiences for any occasion. Learn more about Venuerific through their Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

In conclusion, these companies have set the stage for content creation in Singapore, proving that the industry can thrive in the Central Region as well as worldwide. As each company carves its niche, we look forward to seeing more innovation and creativity from this bustling industry.

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