Spotlight on Vancouver’s Luxury Fashion: Introducing Levi Keswick

February 8, 2024
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In the heart of the Pacific Northwest lies a hotspot for fashion innovation: Vancouver, British Columbia. Known for its thriving tech scene, thriving arts community and breath-taking nature, Vancouver also plays home to a plethora of fashion brands making waves in the industry. This article aims to highlight these fashion companies making a significant impact, right from the shores of the Fraser River.

Eco-conscious, design-savvy, and daring in their ventures, these Vancouver headquartered companies truly encapsulate the West Coast spirit. From companies revolutionizing underwear to those breathing life into athletic wear, it’s clear to see why Vancouver is becoming a global fashion hub. So join us as we explore these companies, underlining their vision, story, and contribution to the industry at large.

Let’s start our sartorial journey in North Vancouver, where innovation meets aspiration in the form of brands like BN3TH, Getbold, and Sombrio. Further south, in the dazzling city of Vancouver, global game-changers like Aritzia and Indochino shape the future of fashion as we know it. From North Vancouver to Vancouver city, discover these compelling companies and their stories.


An active player in the E-Commerce, Email, Fashion, Manufacturing, and Retail industries, BN3TH is revolutionizing men’s underwear. Utilizing sustainable and recycled materials, they inspire their customers to embrace their most daring selves. They argue that comfort can enhance our performance in our daily routines. Discover chic, sustainable, and innovative underwear at BN3TH.


Vibrantly stationed in the Consumer Goods, Graphic Design, and Printing sectors, GetBold takes the simplicity of a design and transforms it into something extraordinary. To know more about their captivating work, visit their website.


Sombrio is drastically changing the narrative around cycling wear. Drawing lessons from challenges faced in mountain biking, they’ve formed a unique intersection of urban cycling apparel that’s more than just clothes – it’s a belief system. Visit Sombrio to be part of this revolution.

Bestow Neckties

From punky skinny ties to mature, sophisticated silk ties, Bestow Neckties provide a comprehensive range of men’s accessories. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality assurance is laudable. Dive into the world of Bestow Neckties via their website.

Hair On 14th Salon

Residing at the intersection of Fashion, Healthcare, and Lifestyle is Hair On 14th Salon, a beauty and hair salon notable for its commitment to client satisfaction. Find out more about the salon’s services at their website.


A major player in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail, and Web Design sectors, Aritzia is a design house known for its Everyday Luxury collections. Experience their world of aesthetic excellence by visiting their website.

SAXX Underwear

Known for its radical innovation in men’s underwear, SAXX Underwear is a brand that fuses design and functionality seamlessly. Discover their range of performance and lifestyle solutions on their website.


Disrupting the retail sector with their made-to-measure approach, INDOCHINO is the future of the shopping experience. Offering clients unique customization, INDOCHINO empowers individuals to become their own designers. Explore their revolutionary approach at their website.

Herschel Supply

Founded by Jamie Cormack and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply is renowned for its diverse range of bags and accessories. To discover their unique collection, visit their website.

RYU Apparel

Athletic apparel brand RYU Apparel balances raw athletic talent and technical design superiority. The brand promises game-changing gear engineered for the multi-discipline athlete. Explore their innovative fitness clothing at RYU Apparel.


A award-winning social impact business, Aisle provides sustainable alternatives to disposable menstrual products. Discover their line of period underwear, washable cloth menstrual pads and menstrual cups at Aisle.

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