Spotlight on Sacramento’s Elite Event Management Companies: Levi Keswick Uncovered

February 7, 2024
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Sacramento, the capital city of the Golden State – California, holds more than historic landmarks and delightful cuisine, it’s also the home of many renowned companies that are steering the Event Management Industry on an upward trajectory. With the prevalence of interactive experiential events, the demand for top tier event management services has never been higher. We’ve collated a list of esteemed event management companies headquartered in Sacramento, that sizzle with creativity and meticulous planning, carving themselves unique niches in the industry.

They each create memorable and impactful experiences for their audiences, making use of the latest technology and innovative methods. Here, you will meet the brains driving the change and read all about how they are reshaping the landscape of event management as we know it.

Get ready to be wowed by the versatility of the companies and the dedication to provide top-notch experiences, that not only meet but exceed expectations with their unique, personalized approach and execution.


Launching Webconnex into the realm of event management and fundraising is the visionary duo, Eric Knopf and John Russell. Webconnex thrives on delivering custom software design and development services, assisting their clients in managing events seamlessly & effectively. Find more about the company’s work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Queue, founded by Eddie Meehan and Greg Patterson, is revolutionizing the event management industry through their suite of progressive tools. They offer services that incorporate event booking, online ticket sales, guest list administration, social media marketing, and real-time analytics. Get a glimpse into their world on Facebook, LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter @queueapp.

Advanced Business Integrators

Founded on the principle of providing the best venue management solutions, Advanced Business Integrators (ABI) was established in 1990 by David Schwartz. It offers system design, deployment, and support in workforce management, payroll/HRIS, and accounting. Find more about ABI on their LinkedIn page.

The Urban Hive

The Urban Hive operates as a community-based collaborative platform offering shared workspaces, private offices as well as networking, education, and social opportunities. Discover more about The Urban Hive on theirFacebook and LinkedIn. You can also follow them on Twitter @theurbanhive.

Scream Park California

Experience the ultimate Halloween event with Scream Park California. Featuring psycho-haunted houses, live music concerts and grisly entertainment, it is a delight for thrill-seekers. Connect with them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @sacscreampark.

Inflatable Adventures

Opt for fun-filled adventures with Inflatable Adventures. They specialise in offering rentals for obstacle courses, bounce houses, carnival games, and video arcade games. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @Inflatableadven.

Wendy Warfield & Associates

Wendy Warfield and her team specialize in strategic consulting, database, and recruitment solutions in the event management sphere. You can find out more about their extensive services on their Facebook page.

HERO Foundry

HERO Foundry, a brainchild of Cody McKibben, strives to reawaken the heroic spirit in young leaders across the world. They provide entrepreneurial education and unique experiences of transformation. Check out their ongoing ventures on their Facebook page.

Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You operates in many realms from consulting, event management to media, and entertainment, providing clients a wholesome package.

Bryan Allen Events

Bryan Allen Events have carved a niche in providing services that focus on increasing sales targets, brand awareness, and financial performance. Follow their work on Facebook, Twitter @BAEventsLLC and LinkedIn.

USA Valet Parking

Upgrade your event with premium valet parking service from USA Valet Parking. Experience their top-notch services, check them out on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @usavalet.

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