Spotlight on Portland’s Top Art Companies: Elevating Oregon’s Creative Landscape

February 6, 2024
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As a luxury and fashion magazine, Levi Keswick covers various industries ranging from museum exhibition reviews, exclusive interviews with groundbreaking designers, master jewelers, and lifestyle trend analysis reports. Our mission stretches beyond the boundaries of fashion by wanting to inform our readers about the strides which companies, especially the ones operating in Creative Industries, are making in varying sectors. We have curated a list of companies, making giant strides in the Art Industry, and it’s no surprise that they all operate from the buzzing city of Portland, Oregon. These companies not only put Portland on the map but contribute greatly to the advancement of technology and healthcare in the United States.

These incredible companies are reshaping the future of technology and healthcare, with Portland as their nucleus. They prove that the City of Roses is not just about craft beer, food trucks, and bike lanes, it is also home to innovative tech startups, changing the world one artificial intelligence solution at a time.

In this article, we want to highlight the invaluable contributions innovators and disruptors in the tech world have made to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through their innovative approach, these companies have given us a glimpse into the future of healthcare, robotics, and more. Let’s get to know these companies better! is a leading healthcare technology company founded by Mark Swinth and Ray Costantini in 2014. The company’s primary product, SmartExam, is an AI-based telemedicine platform. Designed to increase access and reduce operational costs, has made a significant mark in the healthcare sector. By connecting patients to health professionals via digital means, the frequency of hospital visits has been drastically reduced. Get to know them better on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Bringing next-level visual enhancements to reality, Streem offers an intelligent camera powered by a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), computer vision, and Machine Learning. Founded by Ryan Fink and Sean Adkinson, Streem allows users to remotely capture critical data – a game-changer in the visual technology sector. Find out more about how they change the world one bit at a time on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


The health sector has seen incredible advancements, thanks to technology. This is evident in the contribution of MiddleGate. Based in Portland, and founded by Edward L Stull and Roshan Fernando, MiddleGate uses machine intelligence “Grace” to simplify the medical billing process. Follow them on LinkedIn to learn more.


Auxon is committed to making the lives of engineers easier by offering automation in delivering complex software systems. Founded by David Sosnow and Nathan Aschbacher, the company provides risk analysis for autonomous systems. Find them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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