Spotlight on Livonia’s Leading Event Companies: A Fashionable Perspective

February 8, 2024
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Livonia, Michigan has burgeoned into a hub for events industry companies, both large and small, that cater to an array of needs. From concerts to carnivals, trade shows to weddings, these companies, each with their own unique flair and expertise, have garnered recognition and have made a name for themselves staging splendid events dazzling attendees. This article will take you through notable companies headquartered in Livonia, Michigan that are making strides in the events industry.

Reputations are built over time, and the success of these companies is testament to the quality of their product, the value of their services, and their commitment to client satisfaction. Event planning is undoubtedly a task involving a multitude of factors, but these companies have proven repeatedly that they are capable of pulling it off successfully.

Without further ado, let’s take a detailed look into these companies that are becoming cornerstones in the world of events.

Thunder Audio

Thunder Audio specializes in providing customers with a comprehensive range of new and used equipment associated with the pro audio industry. The company offers touring and corporate audio, video, and lighting services. They are also involved in the realm of live production and system integration. Their expertise coupled with the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment has made them renowned in their field. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Wade Shows

Known for their innovative approaches and ecologically friendly operations, Wade Shows is a carnival company that provides more chances for guests than any other carnival owing to its contact center features. They include a shaded seating area, color-coordinated canvas, altitude signs, and the brand access program. They have invested heavily in environmentally friendly projects, setting a new bar in the industry. You can find out more about them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

New Paradigm Promotional Marketing

New Paradigm Promotional Marketing provides a variety of services in the field of advertising, event management, graphic designing, trade shows, and web design, making them a one-stop solution for all marketing needs. Follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Laurel Manor

From weddings to corporate meetings, Laurel Manor offers full event management services that also include decorative rentals, catering, audio-visual events, and hotel arrangements. Contact them via email, mobile, or through their online applications. Follow them on LinkedIn.

GraphiColor Exhibits

GraphiColor Exhibits is another respected name in the events industry, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Mr.Dhimant Mehta and Sangeeta Mehta, Sandhira is a South Asian Community Portal for the south asian population living in the USA & Canada. They offer numerous services such as event organization, e-commerce deals, local yellow pages, and more. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The above-mentioned companies are revolutionizing the events industry with their varied services and innovative approaches. Despite clinching beautiful events, the companies hold strong dedication to client satisfaction. They are proving that Livonia, Michigan is a powerful place to conduct event-oriented business.

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