Spotlight on Bend: Stellar Event Companies Transforming Oregon’s Fashion Scene

February 8, 2024
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In the scenic city of Bend, Oregon, United States, a myriad of innovative companies is shaping the events industry with their exceptional offerings. From concert and event management firms to non-profit organizations facilitating recreational activities, these companies are leaving a profound impact on the industry through their diverse operations. This article explores some of these companies operating and serving their clients from their headquarters located in Bend, Oregon.

A growing hotspot for life and leisure, Bend has a thriving events scene facilitated by top-tier companies, each offering unique services to contribute to the vibrant local culture and economy. These companies operate in sectors as varied as food and beverage, amusement parks, non-profit, sports, environmental consulting, brewing, B2B, shipping, customer service, music, and open source. They are the pillars of Bend’s status as a vibrant hub for leisure and lifestyle.

Here, we delve into the operations, offerings, and achievements of these standout companies. We explore each company’s industry, founders, brief description, and digital presence to paint a well-rounded picture of their contribution to the events industry in Bend.

Lay It Out Events

An icon in the events industry, Lay It Out Events, specializes in managing concerts, events, and more in the media and entertainment sector. They contribute significantly to the local food and beverage industry, thereby catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of the Bend populace. Connect with them on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Sun Mountain Fun Center

The Sun Mountain Fun Center is a leading player in the amusement park and arcade sector, facilitating sports, parks, and event-related services. The park offers a wholesome experience for families and adventure enthusiasts alike. Stay updated with their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Boys & Girls Club of Bend

The Boys & Girls Club of Bend serves as a pivotal non-profit organization, providing recreational and event services. Their offerings include fostering a safe environment for children and promoting academic success, healthy lifestyles, good character, citizenship, and workforce readiness. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Awbrey Glen Golf Club

Serving the sports and events sector, the Awbrey Glen Golf Club offers golf, dining, corporate events, wedding services, and wellness activities. They’re a hub for training and tournaments, providing an immersive golfing experience. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Providing effective solutions in environmental consulting, event management, and waste management sectors, Broomsmen is making a significant impact in Bend’s events industry and beyond. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing is a pivotal player in the brewing and events sector in Bend, offering a wide range of craft beers. In addition to their drinks, they also offer food and event services. Stay updated with their latest activities on Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Trade Show Ready

Trade Show Ready offers B2B, consulting, events, and social media marketing services, making a distinctive mark in the industry. Connect with them on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Sew Many Quilts

A leader in the shipping, shopping, and events sector, Sew Many Quilts provides a unique shopping experience. Find them on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

TeleSource Center

TeleSource Center serves as a top-tier solution for B2B, customer service, direct marketing, events, and lead generation requirements. They specialize in providing exceptional outbound telemarketing solutions, inbound call center services and database list products to businesses in diverse industries.


Founded by Carl Youngblood and Coby Randquist, Confreaks is a leading service for events, music, open source, and video. The company has evolved into a full video recording and production powerhouse since its inception in February 2007. Stay connected with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Each of these companies showcases the dynamic nature of Bend’s events industry, drawing on local innovations and global trends to deliver an exceptional experience. They significantly contribute to the vibrant event scene that defines Bend’s cultural fabric and enriches the experiences of residents and visitors alike.

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