Signs Your Home Exterior Needs an Upgrade

Signs Your Home Exterior Needs an Upgrade

February 16, 2021
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If you’ve been itching to use quarantine as an opportunity to start a home renovation project, we may just have the perfect excuse to jumpstart the process. Knowing the signs your home exterior needs an upgrade can be crucial in saving your family from ample future repairs and steep energy bills. You should be wary of the telltale signs you’re due for enhancements. Surprisingly, you can find these indicators both inside and outside of your house.

Ruined Stucco or Wood

Though siding is built to withstand a lot of impact, it can’t last forever. Once paint wears, stucco and wood siding become highly susceptible to damage.

Rotting wood and cracking stucco are signs you’re in need of a replacement or repair. Should you choose to upgrade your home’s first line of defense altogether, research tips for choosing new siding for your home so you can get the most out of your investment.

Bubbling, Cracking, Peeling Paint

Unsightly paint is likely to standout and it should prompt some home improvement. Paint that cracks or peels away exposes your home to adverse outdoor elements. It increases the likelihood of mold and moisture building up around your home, which is harmful to both infrastructure and household health.

To prevent the paint problem from worsening, seek out a contractor as soon as you notice it. They can adequately assess the damage and restore your walls or exterior with a fresh paint job.

Cracked Caulking

Caulk is used around doors and windows to properly seal them from external conditions. It prevents wind and moisture from entering your home and keeps HVAC energy inside.

As caulking cracks, its sealant abilities are compromised. Avoid letting moisture seep in your home and create further issues by replacing the caulking.

Mold and Other Moisture Stains

Moisture stains are some of the most obvious signs your home exterior needs an upgrade, and prompt immediate action. Mold, mildew, or rotting indicate that exterior features are hindered and could potentially expose deeper damage. While sometimes stains can be covered by a quick paint job, get a professional to inspect for further damage before covering up.

Why You Should Upgrade

Though it can feel like a financial burden to tend to home exterior upgrades, they’re worth the investment. Home repairs or feature replacements are necessary in some cases and prevent existing issues from getting worse. Home improvements can also increase your home value, should you be putting your abode on the market any time soon.

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