Showcasing San Bernardino’s Premier Event Companies: A Fashionable Perspective

February 8, 2024
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The heart of Southern California, San Bernardino, is not just known for its iconic Route 66 or its rich culture but also for the thriving event industry that adds life to the city and neighboring communities. Companies specializing in event management, concert organization, and event-related services have marked a name for themselves across the state. Found in every nook and corner of San Bernardino are event organizations well-versed in upholding impeccable standards of service in the niche industry. This article introduces the reader to some of the most prominent event companies based in this area.

From humble local gatherings to grand international conventions, San Bernardino’s event companies have proved their expertise time and again. Not only do they ensure flawless execution of the events, but they also maintain the excitement and enthusiasm that each event deserves. Whether it is a corporate gathering or a sports event, a concert, or a community fair, the seamless fusion of experience, expertise, and youthful energy guarantees the success of these events and the satisfaction of the participants.

Following are some of the event companies that have not only been consistent in their delivery but have also left their mark in the events industry of San Bernardino, continuing to contribute to the city’s vibrant life canvas and economic development.

National Orange Show Event Center

Located in San Bernardino, the National Orange Show Event Center has been a part of numerous concerts and events, providing high-quality services to its customers. This company’s success can be verified by visiting their digital platforms on Twitter, Facebook, or checking out their details on LinkedIn.

Race Central

Race Central has been in the business for around three decades, managing major racing events, and offering sports technical support. Their proficiency is not just limited to facilitating events but also extends to creating great experiences for all participants. Their social media presence can be verified on Facebook or LinkedIn.

JZPC Party Rentals

Providing the best in class rental services for events and weddings, JZPC Party Rentals makes it easy to throw a party or organize an event in California. Further information can be found on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Event Sales

Event Sales stands out for its unique approach to event promotion. They offer specialized digitally printed full-color banners, making event advertising a breeze. Additional details can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profile.


With an impressive high-profile founder John Gresham, Quintinworks provides opportunities for American small business entrepreneurs to understand and tap into the Chinese market. They can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Glen Helen

Glen Helen, a significant name in the automotive and sports event industry, makes every event a thrilling experience. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Part of the non-profit, education and events industry, IJCCE specializes in encouraging educational growth and organizing related events. They can be found on their website.

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