Showcasing Gold Coast’s Levi Keswick: A Beacon in Australian Fashion Industry

February 8, 2024
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What makes Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia unique, aside from its incredible natural beauty, is the vibrant cluster of fashion and luxury businesses that call it home. The city boasts a lively mix of established and emerging fashion brands, making it a place to watch in the world of fashion. Among them are some exciting companies operating in the realms of e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle, whose global influence belies their laid-back coastal origins.

From surf and streetwear to jewelry and maternity clothing, these fashion-specific operations have utilised the power of the World Wide Web and embraced the digital era. The internet’s widespread reach has enabled locally cultivated brands to cross borders and serve clients from all around the globe. In this article, we take a closer look at the easily accessible, cost-effective, and on-trend fashion offerings that hail from Gold Coast, Australia.

One thing that stands out is the industry’s commitment to reflecting the values of its people and the environment. Whether it’s embracing sustainable practices or showcasing local artistic talent, these businesses are proving that fashion can be as ethical as it is delightful. Let’s put the spotlight on these noteworthy contenders in the space of digital fashion retail.


Starting off from the seemingly endless coastline of Gold Coast, SurfStitch emerged as Australia’s number one online marketplace for surf and fashion. Launched in 2007 by Justin Cameron and Lex Pedersen, the brand stocks over 600 retail brands and 20,000 products, catering to fashion-savvy surf enthusiasts and beachgoers.


Experimenting with novel ways of retail, SplitChek presents a unique amalgamation of fashion, jewellery, and online shopping portals, that streamlines the buying experience for discerning customers.

Frankly My Dear

In the luxury segment of fashion, there’s jewellery brand Frankly My Dear, which has carved a niche for itself with its tasteful and distinctive designs.

Cosmic Clothing Company Pty Ltd

Cosmic Clothing Company Pty Ltd provides pregnant women with an array of options, from maternity wear to nursing fashion, offering comfort without compromising on style.

Vegan Leather Co

Not staying behind in the sustainable fashion drive is Vegan Leather Co, which is committed to protecting the environment while offering high-quality fashion accessories.

Mad Keen Fishing

Appealing to the sporty and adventurous, Mad Keen Fishing has launched a range of clothing and accessories perfect for fishing aficionados.

Extac Australia Pty Ltd

Offering outdoor survival gear, Extac Australia is a one-stop-shop for outdoor adventurers. Their range counts with products such as binoculars, military-style backpacks, flashlights, headlamps, knives, and a unique assortment of swords and accessories.


Created by Alisha Geary, Faebella is a luxury activewear brand that showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art designs, presenting beautifully bold, eye-catching, and meaningful artwork on their apparel.

Another Love

Another Love is an Australian online store that gives women access to top-notch designer clothing and accessories at extremely affordable prices.

Sun Emporium

For families that love the sun, Sun Emporium offers a range of sun-safe clothing that protects while looks awesome.

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