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See How To Live Comfortably Even As An Exchange Student

March 30, 2023
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Do you feel like living as an exchange student has been a bit of a challenge? Don’t worry, it is completely possible to make it work. Going abroad in this context can be overwhelming with all the new sights and sounds around you, but this should not keep you from enjoying your stay! To help make it easier for you, read this guide full of helpful tips on how to live comfortably even as an exchange student.

Get Organized

Exchange students must be organized in order to live comfortably. You are suddenly thrown into a new country, and different living arrangements and learning styles. The people associated with Seven Seas Worldwide know how important it is to be as comfortable as possible while on these expeditions, which means you should make sure your belongings aren’t cramming up your space. A storage unit would help tremendously.

It is important to get organized as early as possible by creating schedules, organizing classes, keeping track of bills and expenses, and even making lists of things you need to both do and buy! Making sure you have everything in order will allow for more flexibility and freedom in your new environment. Plus, the longer you stay organized from day one, the less time-consuming it will become!

Gear Up

As an exchange student, you may find yourself in a different world than what you’re used to, and preparation is key if you want to live comfortably. Gearing up for your new venture means taking the time to do plenty of research and planning on things like studying abroad, cultural tips and etiquette, travel advice, and learning a few phrases of the native language.

A good computer is essential for keeping up with schoolwork and research, so investing in a laptop or tablet will give you the necessary tools for success. If you plan on exploring your destination frequently, invest in good-quality luggage as well to make sure it can withstand the journey.

Embrace The New Culture

Exchanges offer an amazing opportunity to find out what we have in common with others and to better understand the nuances that make up any given society. Embracing the local customs and embracing the culture of the place you are visiting can help to make learning about a new place even more enriching. Here are some tips for that:

  • try the food
  • explore the place
  • learn the language
  • read the history
  • observe local customs
  • participate in events
  • make local friends
  • read local literature
  • embrace the differences

Each experience cultivates meaningful memories. And at the end of your exchange experience, you will come away with a unique appreciation for all cultures, giving you more confidence to explore more destinations around the globe!


As an exchange student, the key to feeling comfortable in a foreign environment is creating connections with local students and immersing yourself in the local culture. Socializing offers great ways to make friends, understand new customs, and pick up on important cultural norms you need to know while living abroad.

Take advantage of events such as meet-and-greets hosted by your university or city, cafe hangouts with your host family or classmates, or language exchanges through apps or meetups. By branching out and talking with native speakers and other exchange students, it is easier to adjust to life overseas and grow as a person!

Get Involved In Extracurricular Activities

For exchange students, taking full advantage of the foreign environment in which they find themselves can greatly improve their experience. One great way to do so is to get involved with any extracurricular activities that might be available during the student’s stay.

Whether something as simple as joining a local sports team or something more specialized such as taking part in a language club, expanding one’s knowledge and meeting new people will create an unforgettable experience. Doing this also allows exchange students to gain first-hand insight into the native culture, creating a much richer and more vibrant understanding of the place they are staying.

Stay In Touch With Your Family

For many exchange students, being away from home can be a difficult adjustment, especially if it involves living in another country. To make the transition smoother, one of the biggest pieces of advice is to stay connected with family members. Through regular contact via video chatting apps, online messaging, emails, or even old-fashioned snail mail, exchange students can maintain strong relationships with their families while overseas. This helps to reduce feelings of loneliness while providing an extra dose of comfort and stability that can make living in a foreign land easier and more enjoyable.

Exchange students have to be creative and organized in order to make the best of their foreign experience. From getting prepared with the right gear, immersing yourself into the new culture, socializing and making friends, engaging in extracurricular activities, up to staying connected with their dear ones back home – there are many things an exchange student can do to ensure a comfortable stay abroad. This guide will surely help you navigate through this period with ease!

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