Safety Tips for Homeowners With a Pellet Stove

Safety Tips for Homeowners With a Pellet Stove

May 2, 2023
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Just because pellet stoves generate heat through clean-burning pellets, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk to your safety or your home’s integrity. Your home won’t look and feel opulent when you accidentally start a fire or forget to service the appliance.

Homeowners with a pellet stove must follow safety tips to ensure no major disasters or accidents occur. Keep your family and home safe and enjoy the luxury of your pellet stove by following the tips in this article.

Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Regardless of the type of system you use to heat your home, you still need carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to keep you safe. These detectors can alert your family when levels are too high and it’s unsafe to remain in the home or if a potential fire is starting. Regularly check and exchange the batteries in these detectors to ensure they function correctly.

Stick to Recommended Pellets

The manufacturer of your pellet stove likely recommends a specific pellet to ensure the appliance runs efficiently. Using a low-grade pellet will affect the pellet stove’s performance negatively. High-quality pellets burn longer at consistent temperatures. Follow the recommendation for pellets to ensure your appliance is performing at its best.

Service the Appliance Once Every Season

Just like a traditional fireplace needs an annual chimney sweep, your pellet stove requires a yearly professional cleaning to ensure everything runs smoothly. There’s even essential pellet stove maintenance, such as cleaning the glass door or removing ash, that helps the appliance’s efficiency between cleanings. These maintenance tips and annual service cleanings are crucial to the safety of your pellet stove.

Dispose of Hot Ashes Away From the Home

When you use your pellet stove frequently, you must empty the ash collection because it can block the airflow to the burn pot. Removing this ash is essential for the appliance’s performance, but this substance can be hot when you remove it. Be careful where you dispose of the ash because it could combust and start a fire. We recommend using a tin trash can away from your home to prevent this risk.

Homeowners with a pellet stove must be mindful of the safety tips in this article because working with an appliance that uses fire can put you and your home at risk. This is why maintenance and safety are paramount. Remember, if you want a luxurious home, you must take care of your appliances.

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