Tucson, Arizona, has become a vibrant hub for digital marketing companies. With its growing tech industry and supportive community, it’s no wonder a variety of businesses have chosen this location for their headquarters. From comprehensive marketing solutions or specialized services such as SEO, web development, graphic design, and more, Tucson houses a collection of talented agencies. Let’s explore some of the outstanding companies operating in this city’s digital marketing industry.

These companies represent skilled craftsmanship and innovation in digital marketing. They not only help local businesses but also cater to clients on a national scale. The following diverse list offers a glimpse into each company, their specialties, and how they contribute to the evolution of the digital marketing industry.

Notably, these companies have embedded themselves within the fabric of Tucson’s bustling tech scene, and by doing so, have not only fostered their growth, but also driven the growth of the city’s digital industry.

Anchor Wave Internet Solutions LLC

Anchor Wave Internet Solutions LLC has carved its niche in the fields of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web Development and Web Hosting. Founded by Anthony Rivera and Mike Schmidt, their brand consistently delivers creative solutions grounded in strategic insights. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @anchorwave.

Dodier & Co.

Dodier & Co. is a company that stands out from the crowd with its excellent Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media strategies. Founded by Vic Dodier, this company is a beacon of innovation in Tucson’s digital marketing sphere. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @dodierandco.

Unió Digital

Unió Digital, founded by Ryan Gyure, is a full-service information technology and digital marketing firm that offers comprehensive design, development, hosting, search engine optimization and other services. LinkedIn and Facebook.


Automatit, led by Christopher Baird, specializes in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development. Their comprehensive approach to digital strategies continues to push the boundaries of this industry. Facebook and LinkedIn.


WebMO is another leading company in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Web Development. Through their innovative methods, they continually impress with their robust digital strategies. Facebook and LinkedIn.

LP&G Marketing

LP&G Marketing is a renowned player in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations. With a forward-thinking approach, they consistently deliver solutions that set industry standards. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @lpg_inc.

Tangent Digital Agency

Tangent Digital Agency is a key player in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design. With a keen focus on creating exceptional online experiences, they’ve established solid client relationships and a strong reputation in the industry. Facebook and LinkedIn.

GSM Marketing Agency

GSM Marketing Agency is a force to be reckoned with in the industries of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Information Services, and Information Technology. Serving a broad client base, GSM continues to push the marketing envelope with their innovative solutions. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @GSMresults.

Breakaway Media

Breakaway Media specializes in Digital Marketing, EBooks, Marketing, Publishing, and video production. The company has developed a reputation for producing and publishing high quality eBooks and providing exceptional integrated publishing and marketing services. Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lieder Digital

Lieder Digital offers a comprehensive range of services including Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Web Development. Alongside these, they also offer pay-per-click ads (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), blogging, content creation, and media relations/PR services. Facebook and @liederdigital.

Affinity for Design

Affinity for Design excels in the fields of Advertising, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design. Their portfolio of work sets the standard in innovative, highly effective digital marketing strategies. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @bobbistill.

Tucson, Arizona, is indeed a hub of digital dynamism. Each of these companies bring their unique specialties and innovative ideas to the table, contributing to the growth and evolution of online marketing as a whole. The array of offerings, impressive talent, and dedication to the cause confirms Tucson’s place as a leader in the digital marketing landscape.