Revolutionizing Beauty: Fairfield’s Leading Cosmetics Companies Overview

February 7, 2024
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Welcome to yet another instalment in our series exploring companies operating in the glamourous and innovative world of cosmetics. For this edition, we have turned our attention to the Fairfield, New Jersey. Often overlooked in the shadow of New York, this hidden gem is an industrious hub that houses a number of companies making significant waves in the cosmetics sector. These companies span from distinguished manufacturing firms providing essential ingredients for some of your favourite beauty products to luxury retail businesses that stock a delectable array of goods to enhance your beauty routines.

Throughout this feature, we shall delve into the profiles of these companies, providing an illuminating insight into their backgrounds and the considerable contributions they are making in shaping the future of the cosmetics industry. As our exploration unfolds, expect to come across familiar names and hopefully, discover a few new ones along the way.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the sparkling, vibrant world of cosmetics in Fairfield. Make sure to click on the company names which, for your convenience, serve as direct links to their respective websites. So, get ready to embrace your curiosity, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

Jeen International

Jeen International is a key player in the cosmetics sector, prominently supplying essential elements for the personal care, cosmetics, flavor & fragrance and pharmaceutical markets for over 3000 customers and numerous distributors globally. Check them out on LinkedIn to stay updated with their developments.


Excellentia provides an extensive gamut of products ranging from flavor, fragrance, spice to seasoning, prepared foods, beverages to beauty care, aroma therapy, cosmetics, and soap and detergent products. Not only that, they are also offering key solutions in natural ingredients, warehousing, delivery, and support services. Get to know more about Excellentia on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Sandream Impact

Sandream Impact masterfully supplies colorants, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic actives to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Their vast space is dedicated to color matching, formulation, new color development, surface treatment, blending, and dispersion services. Explore more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Cosmic-Perfume is another luxury retail business that serves customers with high-quality products. Stay connected to them through their Facebook page.

Venture Products

Venture Products operates in the realms of Building Material, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Manufacturing, and Real Estate. Get to know more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Caribbean Natural Products

Caribbean Natural Products brings you a treasure trove of exotic oils, plant-derived extracts, sun care, skin lighteners, toners, and much more. Stay up to date with their updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

As our exploration of the Fairfield cosmetics scene comes to an end, we hope that you discovered some exciting new possibilities in this diverse sector. Each of these companies is worthy of praise as they collectively contribute towards making Fairfield a bustling hotspot for the cosmetics sector. Stay tuned for more enlightening explorations into the dynamic world of cosmetics in our upcoming features.

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