Portland’s Pioneering Auction Houses: Redefining Luxury and Fashion Trade

February 6, 2024
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Portland, Oregon, a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, renowned for its vibrant arts scene and robust coffee culture, is also home to a flourishing assembly of businesses in the Auction industry. Providing invaluable platforms for the sale and purchase of diverse goods, online or on-site, these companies have shown remarkable steadfastness and innovation in their respective fields. Here’s a look at some commendable companies in the Auction industry that call Portland their home.

AutoBidMaster LLC

Founded by Yury Strachuk, AutoBidMaster LLC is a recognized name in the Auctions industry. Operating in Automotive, E-Commerce, and Online Auctions, they have etched their name in the sector by providing impeccable services and building strong customer relations. FacebookLinkedIn Twitter


The product of Bryan Hockett and Jason Harra’s innovative ideology, SellerActive provides various tools essential for online selling. The company integrates with dozens of top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, allowing businesses to manage all their sales channels through a single interface. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter


An enterprise by Abdullah Haider and Ron Wiener, SnapNames acts as a domain name auction site for previously registered domain names. Their extensive offerings provide customer access to millions of domain names the moment they come back into the market. Facebook Twitter


AuctionPay provides technology solutions designed specifically for fundraising activities. Through a range of products from event management software to event registration to donation payment processing, AuctionPay helps schools and nonprofits streamline their fundraising efforts.

Marquam Auction Agency

Founded by Misty Marquam, Marquam Auction Agency operates in auctions, consulting, events, and online auctions. They have established their reputation by delivering unmatched service in the industry. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter


Cenquest specializes in transforming traditional classroom-based educational content for online delivery through their proprietary learning model. They provide essential support services for e-learning events, including faculty support, student registration, event management, and hosting.

CrossPoint NW

Operating in the fields of Auctions, Automotive, Retail, and Sales, CrossPoint NW has made their mark by providing quality services and building trust. Facebook

Realty Marketing/Northwest

Realty Marketing/Northwest operates in the fields of Auctions, Marketing, and Real Estate. They have a strong commitment to providing the best services and delivering value to their customers.


Peeka.com is a social saving website that uses collective demand to reduce prices and offer savings on thousands of gift cards. Through a unique model, Peeka helps generate savings that are passed on to the consumer. Twitter

GreenSalvage LLC.

GreenSalvage provides a green option for online auto auctions. They offer a large inventory of salvage and clean title vehicles at excellent prices, providing an alternative to purchasing a new vehicle. Facebook Twitter

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