Oakland’s Leading Beauty Brands: Exploring Innovation in Luxury Cosmetics

February 6, 2024
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Embracing its reputation for diversity and creativity, the city of Oakland, California, is home to a variety of innovative beauty companies. Emphasizing cruelty-free products, tailored experiences, sustainability, and advanced technology, these companies reflect the city’s trend-setting mindset. Below we put the spotlight on several businesses that are revolutionizing the beauty industry from their Oakland headquarters.

Each of these dynamic companies brings a unique approach to their operations, whether they come from a tech background to shake up traditional beauty concepts or start with a passion for cosmetics that sparks an e-commerce empire. Here are some of the beauty-centered companies based in Oakland that are standing out in an increasingly crowded industry.

From hairstyling solutions at Mayvenn to personal care products from J.R. Watkins, from high-tech skincare device ZIIP to industry giants like E.L.F. Beauty, the following businesses are making powerful strides. Let’s take a closer look.


Mayvenn is a beauty-centric e-commerce company designed to support hairstylists and salon professionals by allowing them to sell products directly to their clients without the upfront costs and burdens of holding inventory. Since being founded in 2013 by Diishan Imira and Taylor Wang, Mayvenn has experienced impressive growth, with their platform encompassing over 50,000 stylists across the nation. You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

E.L.F. Beauty

Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba, E.L.F. Beauty is a prominent cosmetics brand that produces cruelty-free, inclusive beauty products. The company came to life in 2004 and has since established a substantial online presence as well as retail partnerships with major beauty, mass-market, and natural specialty retailers. Learn more about E.L.F. Beauty on their LinkedIn page.


ZIIP, a beauty-tech company founded in 2013 by Melanie Simon and David Mason, raised the bar by incorporating nanocurrents and microcurrents of varying waveforms into an at-home beauty tool. By connecting their device to an app, ZIIP pushes the boundaries of skincare, allowing users to experience sophisticated programming and innovative technology in the comfort of their homes. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Christina Bellas’ Make-Cup Concepts revolutionizes makeup organization with its patented makeup-in-a-cup system. The system, which can hold brushes, powders, eye shadows, lip products, and lash products in a thermally protected, sanitary, and eco-friendly container, allows users to customize their palette and refill cosmetics, thereby minimizing plastic waste. You can find more about MAKE-CUP CONCEPTS on Facebook or Twitter.

J.R. Watkins

This Oakland-based company headed by founder Joseph Ray Watkins supplies consumer goods ranging from soap and oil to medicine, all available for online shopping. J.R. Watkins attends to customer needs via phone, email, and online applications, providing a comprehensive customer service platform to further their brand presence. Discover more about J.R. Watkins on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

TKB Trading

Another company committed to revolutionizing beauty through e-commerce and retail is TKB Trading. They are fully immersed in the beauty and cosmetics sector, showcasing a unique perspective in industry innovations and trends. Visit the TKB Trading website for more details or follow them on their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

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