Monterrey’s Top Event Planning Companies: A Luxury Industry Spotlight

February 8, 2024
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Located in Mexico’s economic and industrial capital, Monterrey, are a variety of influential companies making their mark in the events industry. Through innovative technology applications, unique offerings, and a zealous drive for success, these companies, including Boletia, Sessions, Apodaca Group, INCmty, Clingan, and Liga ACE Esports are reimagining how we approach events, and thus changing the landscape of the industry in this vibrant city. Each of these companies will be detailed below, providing insight on their background, founder(s), business description, and related contact information, such as websites and social media profiles.

When it comes to the events industry, the influence and potential can be vast and wide-ranging. It’s a sector that encompasses numerous subfields—from live music concerts to tech seminars—and it’s continuously evolving and innovating. Navigating this progress, while equally contributing to it, are several Monterrey-based firms that are changing the game with their unique approaches and servitudes.

What follows is a deep dive into these companies—understanding who they are, what they do, and how they are shaping the events industry not just in Monterrey or Mexico, but potentially on a larger, global scale.


Co-founded by Alfredo Canales and Joshua Francia Torres, Boletia is a company committed to leveraging digital resources to help event organizers optimize their online sales. The company offers an easy-to-use platform armed with robust analytics and user-friendly interfaces. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @boletia on Twitter.


Headed by founder Diego Guadarrama, presents a dynamic online platform that delivers cutting-edge and live news about event details. As an Events, Information Technology, Messaging, and News Company, it offers digital access to a wealth of event-related information.

Apodaca Group

Spearheaded by Oscar Flores Elizondo, Apodaca Group plays a significant part in the Concerts, Events, Media and Entertainment, and Music Industry in Monterrey. Connect with them via their social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @apodacagroup on Twitter.


Since 2013, INCmty has been rallying innovators and entrepreneurs for its annual entrepreneurship event. This platform seeks to promote innovative ideas and startups, fostering an enriching ecosystem for success. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Part of a niche sector within the event industry, Clingan specializes in language service translation including simultaneous interpretation, remote interpretation, subtitling, dubbing, etc. They also provide audio equipment for rent. Their presence on social media can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Clingan on Twitter.

Liga ACE Esports

As a key player in the ever-growing eSports space, Liga ACE Esports provides services in Broadcasting, eSports, Events and Gaming. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @ligaaceesports on Twitter.

The mentioned companies are transforming the ways we engage with events, providing versatile platforms and new prospects. By delivering unique services, these Monterrey-based firms are not only flourishing in the local events industry, but across Mexico and potentially worldwide. Here’s to the innovative spirits and committed teams working behind the scenes to create riveting experiences.

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