Middletown’s Elite Dental Innovators Shaping New York’s Luxury Oral Care

February 7, 2024
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In Middletown, New York exists an impressive selection of companies dedicated to the Dental industry. This growing sector, which already has a strong foothold in the area, boasts numerous businesses that provide an array of services for enhanced oral healthcare and wellbeing. These companies range from general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental equipment manufacturing, dental insurance and so much more. This article aims to bring attention to just a few of the many remarkable dental healthcare organizations based in Middletown.

Aside from offering quality dental treatment care, these businesses are comprised of highly skilled professionals who are at the forefront of dental healthcare developments. Their commitment to keeping abreast of the latest research, advancements, and trends enables them to deliver nothing short of the finest, most comprehensive dental care services. Ultimately, their upheld tradition of excellence fosters continued healthcare improvements and elevated patient satisfaction levels.

In this vein, we take pleasure in highlighting several Middletown dental companies who continue to do incredible work in the industry. The aim is to provide a brief overview of their offerings while also allowing readers to explore these companies further via their respective websites and social media platforms. Here is a snapshot of what they bring to the table:

Ident Specialists

Providing a host of dental surgical treatments, Ident Specialists stands as a prominent tooth care facility in Middletown. Their services range from tooth extractions to botox cosmetic enhancement, and they take pride in their oral pathology, apicoectomies, and a wide array of other procedures. Stay connected with them via their social media outlets at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Dental Direct

As the brainchild of Maria Comitto, Dental Direct specializes in comprehensive dental plans for individuals, family members, and employers. They also offer senior dental plans to suit the specific needs of the elderly population. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry offers a gamut of services for the younger generation, from athletic mouth guards to preventative dentistry and even early orthodontic treatment. They are reachable on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


First in their class, Bracesetters present a unique offering of self-ligating braces, clear aligners, and low-friction braces for children. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cornerstone Dental

Cornerstone Dental provides an assortment of services encompassing cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and sleep apnea. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hampton Family Dentistry

From general and restorative procedures to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, the professionals at Hampton Family Dentistry serve nearly every dental need. You can become part of their community by following them on Facebook.

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