Michigan’s Traverse City: Dental Industry Powerhouse & Luxury Epicenter

February 7, 2024
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As we continue our journey across America, uncovering the hidden gems nestled within its vast and varied corporate landscape, we find ourselves in Traverse City, Michigan. Famed for its vineyards and stunning coastline, this vibrant city is also home to a growing number of influential companies operating within the dental industry. As you’ve come to expect from Levi Keswick, we’re here to provide you with in-depth profiles of these innovative entities, complete with website links and all the information you need to stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Traverse City’s dental sector is a diverse mix, boasting companies that range from surgery centers to IT service providers. These organizations not only contribute to the overall development of the local economy, but they also play crucial roles in improving and delivering quality healthcare services, including dental care. Leveraging on advanced technologies, these companies are steadfast in their commitment to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services that help in enhancing the oral health conditions of the population.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the key players in this Midwest Dental Mecca. Peak into their operations, culture, and expert offerings, digital bridges that link you to their innovation hubs, and get inspired by their success stories, right from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Copper Ridge Surgery Center

Located in Traverse City, Copper Ridge Surgery Center advances healthcare delivery within the Dental and Medical sector. While further information about the company is being compiled, you can stay connected with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Affinity Technology Group

Founded by Ben Blissett, the Affinity Technology Group is a multifaceted one-stop-shop that integrates various services, such as Assistive Technology, Customer Service, Dental IT Infrastructure, SEM, SEO, Web Design, and more. Stay in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

RiverRock Dental Laboratory

Adding value to the dental community, RiverRock Dental Laboratory excels in providing dental restorations ranging from PMMA temp crowns to custom implant abutments. Delve deeper into their offerings through LinkedIn.

Schulz Orthodontics

From Bracesto Insignia, iTero to surgical orthodontics, Schulz Orthodontics provides a broad range of oral care solutions. Stay updated with them through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Grand Traverse Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Centers

Specializing in oral surgery and dental implants, Grand Traverse Oral Surgery is a key player in Traverse City’s dental scene. Stay in touch with their latest advancements via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Traverse Dental Associates

From teeth whitening to pediatric dentistry, Traverse Dental Associates provides a comprehensive suite of dental services. Connect with them through @TraverseDental on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Northwest Michigan Health Services

Northwest Michigan Health Services is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing community health care services. Connect with them through their Facebook page.

Dentistry for Northern Michigan

Offering advanced services like sedation dentistry and implant dentistry, Dentistry for Northern Michigan is a key component of Traverse City’s dental scene. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.

Deerhaven Family Dentistry

Providing a full range of dental and cosmetic services, Deerhaven Family Dentistry cater to diverse patient needs. Stay up-to-date with their services via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Shoreline Endodontics

Specializing in root canal services, Shoreline Endodontics leverages advanced technology for effective treatments. You can follow their updates through their Facebook page.

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