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Maximizing Your Ridge Wallet: How to Change Ridge Wallet Money Clip to Cash Strap and Vice Versa

July 8, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Ridge Wallet offers two options for securing your cash: a money clip and a cash strap.
  • You can switch between these options or use both simultaneously to optimize your wallet’s capacity and functionality.
  • Changing from a money clip to a cash strap or vice versa is a straightforward process that involves unscrewing and reattaching components.
  • The customization process provides an opportunity to tailor your wallet to your specific needs and preferences.

Ridge Wallet: A New Way to Carry Your Essentials

Ridge Wallets are designed with modernity and minimalism in mind. They offer a sleek and compact way to carry your essentials without the bulk of traditional wallets. But one of the standout features of Ridge Wallets is their customization capabilities, particularly in how to carry cash. Users can choose between a money clip and a cash strap, or even use both, depending on their preferences and needs. But how to change the Ridge Wallet money clip or cash strap? Let’s walk through the steps.

Removing the Screws: The First Step to Customization

The first step in changing the Ridge Wallet money clip or cash strap involves removing the screws from the side you wish to modify. Ridge Wallets come equipped with a T-5 screwdriver designed specifically for this purpose.

If you’re looking to replace the money clip with a cash strap, you’ll need to remove the screws from the side where the money clip is currently attached. Conversely, if you want to maintain the money clip and add a cash strap to the other side, you should remove the screws from the side opposite the money clip.

Removing the Money Clip: Making Room for the Cash Strap

After you’ve removed the screws, the next step is to remove the money clip. This process is relatively simple – the money clip should easily detach from the plate. However, if you’re looking to keep both the money clip and the cash strap, you can skip this step.

Adding the Cash Strap: Expanding Your Wallet’s Capacity

Once you’ve created room for the cash strap, the next step is to attach it. The cash strap should cover both sides of the plate, securely holding your cash in place. This addition can provide extra space for storing cash, cards, or other small items.

Returning the Screws: Securing Your New Setup

After you’ve added the cash strap, it’s time to reattach the screws. Use the T-5 screwdriver to return the screws to their original place, thus securing the cash strap (or both the cash strap and the money clip, if you’ve chosen to use both) to the wallet.

Conclusion: The Flexibility of Ridge Wallets

The Ridge Wallet’s design offers a wealth of customization options, allowing users to tailor their wallets to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the secure grip of the money clip, the expanded storage capacity of the cash strap, or a combination of both, learning how to change the Ridge Wallet money clip or cash strap can help you make the most of your Ridge Wallet.

Remember, your Ridge Wallet is more than just a tool for carrying your essentials—it’s a statement of your style and an extension of your personal brand. By taking the time to customize it to your liking, you can ensure that your wallet is not only functional but also a true reflection of you.

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